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Things We Saw Today: This Moana Cosplay Is Utter Perfection

Lead the way.

This perfect Moana cosplay from aleuthemermaid on Instagram is making me just a little bit weepy.

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No Man’s Sky Update Finally Brings the Game Closer to Expectations

No Man's Sky is the current poster child for managing expectations when it comes to hyping up a video game pre-launch. Much of what was expected—and even promised—to be in the game wound up either absent or underwhelming in the final release, but a new update has taken steps to remedy that, and players are pretty happy about it.

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Things We Saw Today: Gaston Tries to Win Belle Over in New Beauty and the Beast Image

I know I'm not the only one who's excited for the upcoming live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, and ever since the trailer was released I've been on the lookout for any new reveals.

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Hacked Hello Games Twitter Said “No Man’s Sky Was a Mistake,” Apologized for Game

Confusion took hold of much of Twitter this morning as Hello Games, the developers behind No Man's Sky, ostensibly tweeted that their game "was a mistake."

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Toxicity Blamed as No Man’s Sky Reddit Community Temporarily Shuts Down

A few months after the game's inauspicious release, the No Man's Sky Reddit community was temporarily shut down. One moderator expressed concern over the growing toxicity within the community as one of the reasons for the shutdown.

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UK’s Advertising Standards Authority Investigating No Man’s Sky

It's safe to say that, for a lot of gamers, No Man's Sky didn't live up to expectations. Not only did its creatures underwhelm from the Jurassic Park-like experience depicted in trailers, but very real features mentioned on the game's Steam page and in interviews leading up to release just aren't there. Now, that has led to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority opening an investigation.

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Nintendo Stomps on No Mario’s Sky, Creators Revive It as DMCA’s Sky

So ... nigh-endless copyright takedowns? Isn't that just reality?

Nintendo does not take too kindly to fan works that use their copyrighted material, so it's no surprise that they moved quickly to shut down procedurally-generated Mario/No Man's Sky "parody" No Mario's Sky. Luckily, the creators had anticipated that might happened, and the game has already popped back up with a new title that parodies Nintendo's approach to overzealous fans: DMCA's Sky.

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Things We Saw Today: Morgan Freeman Guides Us as New GPS Navigation Voice

Several actors have lent their voice to GPS navigational systems over the years, but one we didn't realize we were missing all along until now was Morgan Freeman.

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Epic Timelapse Shows the Incredible Size of No Man’s Sky’s “Planet-Sized” Planets

It boggles the mind—and the game's stability.

A lot of gamers may have been disappointed by No Man's Sky's repetitive gameplay, but it's hard not to be impressed by the game's sheer scale. Not only is its galaxy home to more planets than we could ever hope to fully explore, but each one is so massive in size itself that the game truly feels like it lacks the artificial geographic boundaries that usually keep players within a game's usable play area. Just how big are they, though? Take a look for yourself.

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No Mario’s Sky Should Tide You Over Until You Get Your Non-Existent Steam Refund for No Man’s Sky

For those of you who are trying your hearts out to get a refund from the notoriously tight-fisted Steam for your purchase of No Man's Sky, here's a game that might brighten your mood and lift your spirits.

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Steam Has to Remind No Man’s Sky Players That Their Regular Refund Policy Applies


The hype bubble around space exploration game No Man's Sky has inevitably burst, and that's led to gamers brainstorming how to get themselves refunds online—especially if they've already passed the terms of Steam's standard refund policy.

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No Man’s Sky Honest Game Trailer Highlights the Game’s Star: Your Buyer’s Remorse

The fine folks at Screen Junkies have put together an Honest Game Trailer for Smosh Games that takes a humorous critical look at No Man's Sky.

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No Man’s Sky Will Get a Fittingly Huge Day One Patch With Multiple Endings

A huge patch for a huge game.

A player with an early copy of No Man's Sky has already claimed to have seen—effectively, since it's not literally possible—everything there is to see in the game, but a day-one patch will change all that in more ways than one. Not only will No Man's Sky remove the possibility of the valuable resource exploit that player used to reach the game's ending in just around 30 hours, but the game will get multiple endings.

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Things We Saw Today: Check Out This Amazing Stranger Things Fan Art

The best thing about art is that, when it catches on, it inspires its fans to create more art. Just about everyone is raving about Stranger Things, and Comics Alliance has an amazing gallery of awesome fan art devoted to the show. The talent on display is is totally remarkable. Go check it out!

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One Man’s Sky: Redditor “Beats” No Man’s Sky, Reaching Center of Universe in 30 Hours

Redditor "Daymeeuhn" has "beaten" No Man's Sky in 30 hours, accomplishing the game's de facto objective: reaching the center of the universe.

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No Man’s Sky Faces More Potential Legal Troubles Over Formula That Produces Its Beautiful Visuals

And not completely frivolous like before.

No Man's Sky, the procedurally generated exploration game that looks downright stunning, has faced delays and legal troubles before, but this new hurdle seems to have sprung up suddenly right before the finish line. A "superformula" that the game uses to generate its rolling terrain and other objects is protected by a patent, which could give developer Hello Games a bit of a headache so close to the August 9 release date.

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Highly Anticipated No Man’s Sky Space Exploration Game Is Finally Finished

Soon to be all of our sky.

Announced way back at the end of 2013, just after the launch of the current generation of game consoles, No Man's Sky and its expansive, lush universe captured our imaginations—and held on to them mercilessly for almost the next three entire years. Now, with the game's release date finally approaching, developer Hello Games has confirmed that the epic project is now finished.

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Check Out Sony PlayStation’s E3 Press Conference Live

Conference starts at 5:30PM PST/8:30PM EST!

Sony PlayStation's conference comes in here at the end of the day. Starting at 5:30PM PST/8:30PM EST, you can watch it live right here on The Mary Sue.

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No Man’s Sky Creator Receives Death Threats Over Game’s Delay

Sean Murray—founder of Hello Games, the company developing the ambitious space exploration sim No Man's Sky—has received numerous death threats since news broke of the game's delay.

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Sorry, Space Cowboy: No Man’s Sky Delayed Until July (or August)

Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.

Originally slated for release in June, the space exploration game No Man's Sky has now been pushed back to July, or possibly August.

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