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Things We Saw Today: Jurassic World‘s 1978 Trailer…You Know, If It Had One

ChiefBrodyRules over at YouTube does an awesome job of capturing the essence of Jurassic World if it would've been made in 1978 by incorporating footage from the film into other 1970s films about dinosaurs and scientific weirdness. Check it out after the jump!

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Lionsgate Making a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Movie Starring Kristin Chenoweth

20% cooler.

Lionsgate and Hasbro have announced they're combining forces on a big screen My Little Pony movie written by series producer Meghan McCarthy and starring Pushing Daisies' Kristin Chenoweth as as a new character.

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Toys R Us Announces SDCC Exclusives, Including 1960s Batgirl, Harley Quinn, MLP, and Princess Leia!

All the toys R belong to me!

It's that time of year when everyone and their mom is revealing their SDCC exclusive merch...and we wouldn't have it any other way, would we? This time, it's Toys R Us, who've unveiled some pretty sweet toys of interest to multiple fandoms designed for "mature collectors" (aka Grown Ups Who Love Playing With Toys). Even better, you don't even have to be going to SDCC to have access!

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Hasbro Goes Big as They Celebrate My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic‘s 100th Episode!

An important milestone for everypony!

Everyone's favorite ponies are hitting a huge milestone next week! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be airing its 100th episode on June 13th! Check out a clip from the episode above!

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Emerald City Comicon: Proposals Are Magic

A proposal that would melt the heart of every pony.

If you go to enough conventions, they all start to blur together. But sometimes, something special happens that makes one particular convention stand out. For me, that moment was a guy using My Little Pony-inspired art to express his feelings to his lady love at Emerald City Comicon.

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Here Are All the Netflix Titles We’re Gaining and Losing Come February

Say goodbye to this face.

Let's keep things in perspective here: sure, Black Adder is going the way of Battlestar Galactica and leaving Netflix Streaming, but that's way better than losing most of the BBC catalog, right? We'll meet again, Rowan Atkinson. We'll meet again.

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The Mary Sue’s Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2: Movies & TV!

It's safe to say we here at The Mary Sue consume a lot of media. You might even say it's our jobs! But that doesn't mean we don't still watch for fun. Here's a list of 20 home releases perfect for someone in your life (or yourself).

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A My Little Pony Feature Film Will Gallop Into Theaters in 2017

And flap there.

It's been nearly thirty years since My Little Pony graced a wide-spread theatrical release. And I should know, because it happened the year I was born.

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Stranger in a Strange Land: A My Little Pony Virgin Goes to a Brony Convention

Everypony have fun tonight!

Confession: I have not watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. But I heard there was a convention called DerpyCon South in town, and with a name like that, I had to go. It turned out the be a brony convention, and I immediately decided that trial by fire was clearly the most logical way to introduce myself to the fandom.

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Things We Saw Today: Synthetic Leather Star-Lord Jackets For All!

Finally, I can look like an A-hole!

This is not a drill: New American Jackets make synthetic leather Peter Quill coats designed to fit Star-Lords of all genders.

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Pull It Together: She-Hulk, Lumberjanes, and Hawkeye Guest Starring in Black Widow!

We've got issues. Lots of issues.

Welcome to Pull It Together, where the goal is to narrow the massive field of comic book titles to the ones you shouldn’t overlook. It isn’t about what’s on my pull list, it’s about what could be on yours!

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Pull It Together: Sex Criminals, Captain Marvel, and Gail Simone’s Last Issue of Batgirl

We've got issues. Lots of issues.

Welcome to Pull it Together, where the goal is to narrow the field by showing you titles you shouldn’t overlook. It isn’t about what’s on my pull list, it’s about what could be on yours!

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Hasbro Launches New Site To Let Fans 3D Print And Sell Designs

Friendship3D printing is magic.

Hasbro has launched a new site to give fans unprecedented freedom to create, produce, and sell art based off popular content such as My Little Pony, Transformers, and Magic: The Gathering.

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Giant-Sized Pull It Together! Featuring Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Bryan Lee O’Malley, and More!

We've got issues. LOTS of issues.

Pull It Together is our weekly post of a bunch of comics that are coming out on Wednesday that we think you should be aware of. This week is EXTRA LARGE due to all the EXTRA books coming out, including some great titles for new readers!

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Review: A Brony Tale

We're still not quite in Equestria, friends.

A Brony Tale educated me, but I can't help but feel the history I learned was a little selective.

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Alesia Stein Explains More About Hasbro, Zazzle, And The Brony Bro-Haha

This might be as close to the pony's mouth as Zazzle will let us get.

Yesterday we reported on a possible legal issue surrounding the use of the word "brony" in fan-made merchandise. To provide more context and clear up any confusion surrounding her interactions with Zazzle, Alesia Stein, i.e. Mandomommy herself, sent us this e-mail update.

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Lock Up Your Bronies, Hasbro May Be Claiming Creative Control Over My Little Pony‘s Adult Fans

Friendship is magic an infringement on property rights.

Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long: after four years of growing ubiquity, the good "Brony" name and all its accompanying fan-made creations may now be owned by Hasbro. Everyone put your hooves where I can see them and back away from Deviantart. Slowly.

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Things We Saw Today: A 100% Real Dothraki Language Course

Things We Saw Today

Course designer David J. Peterson is a fictional language creator, which sounds like the coolest job in the world. As for the course itself, it begins in October. There's a flashcard app and everything. (via Blastr)

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My Little Pony’s Lauren Faust To Helm Medusa Comedy For Sony Pictures Animation!

This is just like magic!


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Things We Saw Today: This Lemongrab Woodblock Art Is Acceptable

Things We Saw Today

Artist Brian Reedy sells prints of this and other nerdy woodcuts in his Etsy shop. (Nerd Approved)

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