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Lauren Faust Shares Her Mission to Destroy Misconceptions About Girls’ Entertainment


My specific dreams are still to make great entertainment for girls. I just don’t think there’s enough truly good stuff out there for them, but I also have kind of selfish reasons. When I think of something I want to say or an experience I want to share, my ideas are usually innately feminine because I’m female – and I refuse to believe that something being feminine by nature automatically means it isn’t worthwhile. If I can put the tiniest dent in the perception that “girly” equals “lame” or “for girls” equals “crappy,” I’ll be very satisfied.Lauren Faust, creator of and consulting producer on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, telling Equestria Daily about her approach to creating worthwhile entertainment for young girls (that is also entertaining for not-that-young girls, not-girls, and former U.S. Presidents).


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