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Things We Saw Today: Jurassic World‘s 1978 Trailer…You Know, If It Had One

ChiefBrodyRules over at YouTube does an awesome job of capturing the essence of Jurassic World if it would’ve been made in 1978 by incorporating footage from the film into other 1970s films about dinosaurs and scientific weirdness. Check it out! (via BoingBoing)

  • If you love MLP: Friendship is Magic, and you’re planning a trip to Japan, make sure you check out the world’s first My Little Pony-themed cafe! They’ve got Pony-inspired meals, as well as all sorts of other cute goodies. But it’s kind of a pop-up thing, and will only be open through November 29th. (via Kotaku)
  • Ermahgerd! Finally the complete, true story of a girl, her Goosebumps books (er, Gersberms?), and the meme that rocked the Internet for a couple minutes there. (via Vanity Fair)

Once again, Stephen Colbert let his geek flag fly by having the writers of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast on The Late Show, complete with the Community Calendar. (via email tip)

  • If you were watching SyFy’s Defiance, you might have already heard the sad news. The show has been cancelled after three seasons. (via Deadline Hollywood)
  • Apparently, Guillermo del Toro really, really, really wants to direct the upcoming Pet Cemetery reboot. (via Screen Crush)

We’re sure that some of you knew some of these, but now all of you can know all of them. Here are 50 Weird and “Unknown” Facts about Star Wars: A New Hope. (via Geek Tyrant)

Have a great weekend, everyone! And safe Internetting!

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