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Did You See Infinity War? Let’s Talk About It

Avengers: Infinity War rolled into theaters last night. If you got to see it, we have a lot to talk about. If you're waiting a couple of days, be warned that HERE BE ALL OF THE SPOILERS.

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Marvel Movies Are a Universe of Terrible Fathers

Villainous, disapproving, or disappointing fathers are the MCU's go-to trope.

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What Will Happen to the Marvel Movie Fandom After Infinity War?

Fans of the MCU have expressed anxiety over Avengers: Infinity War for a while, but it's ramping up as the film's release fast approaches.

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Dear Marvel, Please Let Your Men Hug Each Other

It's important for all of us to see male superheroes allowed the kind of easy physical affection that women get to perform onscreen with their friends without a second thought.

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“It Just Didn’t Occur to Me”: Jessica Jones Showrunner Addresses the Show’s Diversity Problem

We have been very vocal about our disappointment about the latest season of Jessica Jones, especially in regard to the treatment of men and women of color. (Jeri was great though.) Thankfully, it hasn't been just us and the criticism about the issue has been loud enough that it reached the ears of showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg.

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Things We Saw Today: Infinity War Writers See Thanos as a Combination of the MCU’s Best Villains

With Michael B. Jordan's performance as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther, the bar has been raised by the MCU in terms of villains. Which leaves us wondering, where will Thanos fall in the line-up of MCU baddies?

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Hollywood Should Embrace, Not Fear Black Panther’s Success

Black Panther is still winning so, of course, the haters have something to say.

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