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The ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Trailer May Be Teasing Wolverine’s Secret Identity

Wolverine as his alter-ego Patch on the cover of Wolverine: Patch comic book

The trailer for Deadpool 3, now officially titled Deadpool & Wolverine, has finally arrived. It’s filled with numerous exciting teases, including a glimpse of what could be Patch.

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Deadpool & Wolverine‘s long-awaited trailer revealed the plot of the movie, which has been kept tightly under wraps until now. It confirmed that the Time Variance Authority is going to have a significant role in the film, though it’s unclear if viewers will see any of the Loki cast. Meanwhile, the TVA isn’t happy with Deadpool’s (Ryan Reynolds) time-traveling antics in Deadpool 2, thus showing up at his door to kidnap him. The TVA is actually recruiting him instead of pruning him, resulting in Deadpool declaring himself “Marvel Jesus” and heading off into the multiverse.

Fans of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine may have been slightly disappointed that the trailer didn’t show his face or full costume. However, there are two teases of Wolvie. The tease that will attract the most attention is at the end when his shadow looms over Deadpool for a moment before viewers get a glimpse of the back of his comic book-accurate costume as he appears to attack the merc.

There’s another very interesting tease of Jackman’s appearance, though, and he might not actually be Wolverine in that clip.

Is Patch in Deadpool & Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman seen from behind in Deadpool and Wolverine trailer
(Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Around the 1:20 mark in the trailer, viewers see the back of Jackman’s head. It’s easy to recognize him, given his signature hairstyle. While one might assume it’s Wolverine, something about his appearance stands out: his pristine white blazer. In the comics, James Howlett wore a similar white blazer when he was undercover as Patch. Unfortunately, Deadpool & Wolverine has not confirmed that Patch appears in the movie. However, it certainly looks like him, and the multiverse premise means viewers may see multiple versions of Wolverine.

In the comics, Patch is not a variant of Wolverine but a secret identity. He was first introduced in 1988 in a Wolverine comic series where he goes undercover to Madripoor using the alias Patch. It wasn’t a very convincing alter-ego, considering all he did to change his appearance was slap on an eye patch and don a crisp white blazer. However, it worked for him, allowing him to keep a low profile as he probed a murder mystery on the fictional island. Over the years, he has occasionally returned to the identity for further adventures.

Madripoor appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but in the comics, it’s most often associated with the X-Men. Hence, the setting very well could be Madripoor in the trailer, perhaps a bar in Hightown. It remains to be seen if that is, indeed, Patch and Madripoor. In the comics, Patch first went to Madripoor at a time when the X-Men were believed to be dead. However, if this is an alternate reality and Wolverine variant instead of a secret identity, the story could change, meaning there are many possibilities for what he could be up to as his Patch persona.

(featured image: Marvel Comics)

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