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Sorry, Matt Damon! NASA Says the First Person on Mars Is Likely to Be a Woman.

The Martian but if Jessica Chastain were the first out the ship.

Are women taking over NASA? I hope so!

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I Forgot About the Mars Curiosity Rover’s Birthday and Now I Feel Terrible

Curiosity is my friend, thankyouverymuch. And friends care about each other's birthdays.

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Colonizing Mars: Comparing the Facts and the Fiction

Here’s how the most popular of today’s Mars-set science fiction stories line up with today’s science.

Humanity’s dream of colonizing Mars is closer to reality than ever. With countries and companies joining the modern-day space race, what used to feel like pure fiction may soon be within our grasp.

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So You Think You Can Live on Mars? Prepare to Have Your Fantasies Shattered

"Oh, so you think space is pretty? Are you willing to remove your appendix and gallbladder for it? To just go temporarily blind because of your body fluids moving during weightlessness?"

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Things We Saw Today: Feel Better About Life and the World With Twitch’s 18-Day Mister Rogers Marathon

It's easy to go down a rabbit-hole of negativity these days with everything going on in the world, but for the next sixteen days and change, there is at least one source of positivity and love that is here for us. Twitch is running an 18-day marathon of the children's classic TV show, Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

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The Mars Generation Doc Spotlights Aspiring Astronauts With a Bold Mission

The next generation of astronauts is stepping up to the place with a bold goal—make it to Mars within their lifetime.

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Fly Over Mars’s Actual Landscape With a 3D Recreation From Real Satellite Images

Everyone gets the window seat!

The still, 2D images of Mars' landscape captured by the HiRISE camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are fascinating on their own, but since most of us are unlikely to ever visit the planet—though that could still change—we'll never really get to see what it truly looks like. So, Finnish filmmaker Jan Frodjman digitally mapped those images with 3D topography and created this incredible flyover of the Red Planet's features.

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Things We Saw Today: Kamala Khan Overcomes Bullies and Villains in Fan Film

It's no secret that TMS loves Kamala Khan, so I couldn't stop smiling when I saw this awesome live-action Kamala fan film! Watch for the joy of the fan film and the rage of asking yourself, "Why hasn't Marvel given this character a movie yet?"

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Things We Saw Today: Emma Watson Singing as Belle in the Beauty & the Beast Remake… In Toy Form

I gotta admit, I haven't been paying much attention to the Beauty & the Beast reboot starring Emma Watson, so I didn't realize it was a musical, and that Emma Watson herself would be singing the iconic Disney soundtrack.

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Things We Saw Today: Luke Cage Plus Family Matters Makes for One Heck of a Title Sequence

Go ahead and take a look at this mashup between Luke Cage and Family Matters and marvel at just how well these two diametrically opposed titles blend together so well.

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SpaceX Successfully Test-Fires Mars Transport Rocket Engine, Prepares to Lay out Colonization Plans

Getting to Mars is only part of the problem of putting humans on the Red Planet. We're already pretty good at that part, with plenty of robots roaming around up there right now. The tough part is putting a permanent presence in place so that it actually makes sense to go there, and Elon Musk's SpaceX is making progress towards overcoming that difficulty.

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Pioneers Emerge From Year-Long Simulated Mars Mission; Take That, Matt Damon

Bring them home.

Leaving the Earth for Mars has a lot of downsides, especially in being confined to a small space with only your fellow travelers for a very long time, but it also has one big upside: You get to make a sci-fi dream a reality and actually set foot on another planet. Earth-bound testing, on the other hand, offers no such benefit, which makes a year-long practice Mars mission right here on Earth all the more impressive.

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NASA’s First Bipedal Humanoid Robot Is Designed To “Support Our Astronauts” On Mars

If there's one thing I know about small teams of astronauts engaged in interplanetary exploration, it's that at least one member of the team has to be a robot.

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SpaceX Is Ready to Test the Rocket Engine They’ll Use to Send Humans to Mars

Aside from the fact that Mars is a harsh, inhospitable environment that we'd have to drastically terraform—or pretty much just never go outside—to live in, the logistical implications of actually getting people there in the first place provide a pretty sizable obstacle. Luckily, SpaceX is about ready to blow that obstacle away with an impressively powerful rocket, and they're about ready to start testing it on their path to real missions to Mars.

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Listen to the Mars Curiosity Rover Sing Itself Happy Birthday for Its Fourth Birthday

If a rover sings happy birthday on another planet and no one is around to hear it, do our tears make a sound?

The Curiosity Rover has been on Mars for four (Earth) years today, which means it's time, yet again, for another lonely birthday celebrated on distance space rock with no one else around—except for the other rovers also left to live up there alone. In honor of those four years of incredible science on the Red Planet, let's listen to the birthday song the rover sings to itself to mark its lonely passage of time.

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Things We Saw Today: Creepy Morse Code-like Dunes on Mars

Where's Major Tom when you need him?

NASA's HiRISE camera snapped a really neat photo of some dunes on Mars that look like the dots and dashes that make up Morse code.

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Things We Saw Today: Bryan Cranston Features in Fan-Made Poster for Stan Lee Biopic


This poster created by Tumblr user EntertainMeWeakly for a fake Bryan Cranston-starring Stan Lee biopic is pretty convincing.

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NASA Is Trying to Figure out What Triggered Curiosity Rover’s “Safe Mode” Over the Weekend

So ... aliens? They're a few days late by now.

The Curiosity Rover is far away and generally alone (unless you count other rovers elsewhere on the planet), so when it encounters a problem and goes into its minimal operation mode, figuring out just what happened can be a tense process. That's just what NASA's scientists are currently trying to do, as the rover entered its "safe mode" over the weekend for unknown reasons.

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Young Mars Seemingly Even More Earth-Like With Evidence of Plenty of Oxygen

"Moooom, Mars is copying me!" -Young Earth, probably.

Venus may be a lot more like Earth—in terms of size—than Mars is, but Mars may once have been similar to Earth in more meaningful ways, unlike now, when it pretty much shares the general quality of being a giant ball of death with all the other planets in our solar system. Evidence is mounting that Mars once had lots of oxygen in its atmosphere to go along with its oceans of water, but that doesn't necessarily mean it fostered life; it couldn't been part of that "death ball" transformation.

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Things We Saw Today: Dogs Flown to Orlando to Comfort Survivors

A group of 12 comfort dogs from Chicago were flown out to Florida to help provide comfort to survivors of the horrific events that took place in Orlando on Sunday.

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