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Help Tell a Story That Needs to Be Told: Missing Explores the Cruel Realities of Human Trafficking in an RPG

MISSING: The Complete Saga aims to tell the story of a young girl faced with the cruel realities of human trafficking by way of an RPG.

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Things We Saw Today: Girl Scouts Dress Up Like History’s Most Iconic Women

The Girl Scouts have really been rocking it lately, and this is just the latest in a lineup of awesome things they're getting into.

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These Leggings Are Patterned Like Medieval Armor and I Must Have Them Posthaste

Get on my body.

What's better than leggings that make your legs look ready for knightly battle? Historically accurate leggings. Lorica Clothing's inspiration is straight out of the Metropolitan Museum's Arms and Armor exhibit. Attend me, squires!

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Interview: The Doubleclicks’ Angela Webber On “Women Know Math” and Why Gender Is An “Everything Problem”

The Doubleclicks are a Billboard-charting, geeky, feminist, indie-folk sister duo from Portland that we love immensely. Today, they've released their newest song, "Women Know Math," in a video that features the artwork of 50 female and gender non-conforming artists to illustrate a song that is, according to a statement from the band, "infused with frustration over being told how women are 'supposed to act.'"

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Francis Ford Coppola Bringing More Unspeakable Horrors With Kickstarter for Apocalypse Now Video Game

Francis Ford Coppola along with a team of game development veterans have launched a Kickstarter to turn the 1979 war film Apocalypse Now into "an immersive, psychedelic horror RPG."

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Things We Saw Today: Little Girl’s Thundercloud Costume Is Perfect Storm of Amazing

The dad who created the "Glowy Zoey" costume has created "Princess Cumulus," a thundercloud costume for his daughter.

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Power Play: Why Check, Please! Is Redefining Success in Comics

Meanwhile, the Big Two happily shoot own goals.

Sometimes finding success as a woman or person of color in the entertainment industry (comics, movies, television, you name it) can feel like being a gay figure skater trying to make it on a hockey team full of frat boys.

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Things We Saw Today: This Is Fine Dog Plush Toy Made Available Via Kickstarter

Now THIS is fine.

You're probably already familiar with the "This is Fine" comic/meme, in which a dog sits in a house that is literally burning down around him. It's become something of an unofficial metaphor for this here 2016 so far even though it originated back in 2013, and now the artist behind the comic, KC Green, has created a Kickstarter where you can get your very own This is Fine dog plush toy.

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There’s a Kickstarter To Fund a Coffee and Tea-Brewing Alarm Clock

I'll take one, please.

Does the idea of waking up to the smell of freshly brewing coffee or tea sound overly appealing to you? Well, fortunately there's a company out there who wants to appeal to the idea of us all waking up a little more pleasantly--and they've got a Kickstarter to fund the goal.

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Watch and Cry at the First For the Love of Spock Trailer

Adam Nimoy, son of Leonard Nimoy, raised over $662,00 on Kickstarter to make the documentary For the Love of Spock—a tribute to his father's life and his role as Spock on Star Trek. 

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Things We Saw Today: NASA’s Amazing Shot of Saturn’s Rings “Dividing” a Moon

Check out this stunning shot that NASA acquired of Saturn's razor-thin bisecting one of its moons, Dione. It's like something out of Mass Effect, isn't it?

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: Dark Horse Comics to Publish The Secret Loves of Geek Girls

The Mary Sue is super-pleased to exclusively announce that Dark Horse Comics will be publishing The Secret Loves of Geek Girls anthology for worldwide distribution.

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Dragon’s Lair Movie Launches Indiegogo Campaign (After Canceling Its Kickstarter)

Remember the Kickstarter for the Dragon's Lair movie? Well, it got canceled ... after it became clear that the project wouldn't meet its goals. Good news for Dragon's Lair fans, though: Don Bluth has taken the project to Indiegogo, where it's already received a lot more supporters and looks well on its way to succeeding.

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Things We Saw Today: This Animated Star Wars Poster Is Uncomfortably Hypnotic

Jaja Poupou's animated Star Wars poster is curiously and uncomfortably hypnotic? I'm not sure how to react to this.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: Cautionary Fables and Fairytales

The Mary Sue is pleased to present an exclusive story by Meredith McClarren from the upcoming book Cautionary Fables and Fairytales. Currently being Kickstarted, the book features stories by Carla Speed McNiel, Gene Yang, Nina Matsumoto, and Niliah Magruder.

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The Mary Sue Exclusive: Introducing Dream BIG Friends, a Doll Line With a Focus on Girls’ Personality

This rad gal is Yuna, a central character in the new Dream BIG Friends, a doll line focused on celebrating girls' passions and personality rather than their looks.

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No Pressure: The Making of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Anthology Ecotones

Good things come to those who ask.

How do you get some of the leading figures in Speculative Fiction to lend their names to a collection featuring largely unknown writers? The short answer is, you ask.

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Things We Saw Today: Mashup Star Trek/Star Wars Trailer Totally Nails It

This fan-made mashup of Star Trek and Star Wars kind of just... works, doesn't it?

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Don Bluth and Gary Goldman Reunite for Dragon’s Lair Movie

the team, who have previously worked together not only on the famous game but also iconic movies like The Land Before TimeAnastasiaAn American Tail, and lots more are reuniting for this Kickstarter.

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Lovecraftesque – A Tabletop Role Playing Game Review

If you’re a fan of Lovecraft, you’ve run into the racism, sexism, and ableism (the latter particularly in regards to mental illness) that pervade his stories. Nevertheless, Lovecraft has a diverse fandom that loves to interact with the mythos in many different ways.

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