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This Friend-Shaped Mothman Plush From the Campfire Creatures Kickstarter Is My New Favorite Thing

I care him.

Mothman Kickstarter

As one of those people who coo at adorable plush when I lock eyes with them, seeing a huggable version of Mothman has made my entire Friday.

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Mothman sample

Windy Woods Design, a queer studio helmed by Tyler Haney and Nancy Frey, has combined “cryptid” with “cute” in their latest Kickstarter. “We’ve both been obsessed with the paranormal creatures that lurk in the dark of the woods and old buildings since childhood. So, this project was already a long time in the making,” said Haney and Frey when I reached out about the project.

Haney wasn’t kidding about that long time in the making part and revealed that this version of Mothman started out as a doodle from nearly a decade ago! “Though our studio is relatively young, I’ve been doodling this chubby Mothman in the margins of my sketchbook for almost a decade. Seeing this plush develop from doodles to a super soft plush you can hug … it’s an absolute dream. ”

sketch of Mothman

Campfire Creatures – Mothman Cryptid Plush and Pins offers a variety of adorably spooky campfire friends that range from Mothman to a happy little ghost that comes with a marshmallow to roast on an open fire. While initial funding for the campaign will go toward Mothman, stretch goals will unlock more cryptid friends like the dapper Mr. Hat, the shadow spirit who’s probably the culprit behind that noise you heard in your house.

Don’t worry, he just wants to be friends.

Mr Hat

We are two creatives looking to expand our plush and pin line. Our main goal in this campaign is to fund our delightfully huggable, Mothman Plush. This plush is made from velvety soft minky fabric. He measures 10in tall and will have a squeaker in his belly.  After Mothman we have three other plush lined up as stretch goals and a whole series of cryptid-themed pins.


You read that right.

Mothman will squeak when you hug him.


As an added bonus, if you’re planning on attending Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan during Halloween weekend, the studio will be in the vendor hall with prototypes of their plush!



On top of the campaign working to fund cryptid plush, there are enamel pins of different creatures that go “ow I didn’t mean to bump into that” in the night. There are pins for each of the plush, but there are also pins of other spooky friends along with add-on rewards like stickers and T-shirts.

Campfire Creatures Enamel Pins

You can check out the Campfire Creatures Kickstarter right over here. You can also check out more of Windy Woods Design’s work over here.

(Image: Windy Woods Design)

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