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Jon Bernthal Has Sharp Words for Alt-Right Fans of The Punisher

How does Punisher star Jon Bernthal feel about the alt-right fans of his character? "F**k them."

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Review: Netflix’s Punisher Is a Brutal and Surprisingly Sensitive Look at What It Means to Be a Soldier

4 out of 5 NYC diner meals.

Six episodes in, the Netflix Punisher production is related to Marvel's superpowered world by name alone. Punisher could just as easily be a drama on any network about an ex-Marine named Frank Castle who is very, very good with guns and very, very sad.

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New Punisher Trailer Is the Most Detailed yet, Plus We Finally Have a Release Date

We have our most comprehensive look at the upcoming Netflix/Marvel series featuring Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle ... and now we know when we'll get to binge-watch the show.

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The First Punisher Trailer Is Here, and It’s Intense as Hell

Netflix and Marvel released a full trailer for the upcoming Punisher series, and it is A Lot.

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Netflix’s Punisher Series Takes Aim at Government Conspiracies

Netflix is getting us super psyched for its Punisher series, with a new teaser and poster that suggests the show will focus on bureaucratic cover ups and Frank Castle's military history.

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Things We Saw Today: Across the Tracks Trailer Presents a Story of Sisterhood and Colorism In the 1960s South

Director Mike Cooke's short film, Across the Tracks, tells the story of two young, black sisters in 1960s Georgia, one of whom can pass for white and chooses to when their school district becomes integrated.

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Teaser for Marvel’s Punisher Series Hints at Cathartic, Righteous Fury We Need

Now, more than ever, we need a Punisher series. Check out the teaser trailer after the jump.

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This Fan-Made Poster for The Punisher Is So Good, Everyone Thinks It’s Official

Netflix, take notes.

I was one of the many "fooled" when I saw artist Giuseppe Spinelli's excellent The Punisher poster. The artist's style is so on-point with both The Punisher and Netflix ad aesthetic that I was positive this was a teaser for the upcoming Marvel series. But if it wasn't real before, it should be now.

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New Baby Driver Trailer Shows There’s Nothing Like Some Good Old Fashioned Car Chases

There's a lot to love about this trailer for Edgar Wright's newest feature, Baby Driver.

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Things We Saw Today: Rockstar Games Drops Mystery Image

Earlier today, video game developer Rockstar Games tweeted the above image to its account--and apparently, its Twitter isn't the only thing that's gone red. Other sites have noted that in addition to Twitter, Rockstar's Facebook account and the loading screen for its website are sporting the same new version of its logo.

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Daredevil Spinoff, Jon Bernthal Punisher Series, Officially Ordered by Netflix

I love Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil, but it's certainly not a perfect show (what show really is?). After season two, however, one could argue that Jon Bernthal was perfect in his role as Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher, and now his rumored spinoff has officially gotten a season order from Netflix!

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Things We Saw Today: The Jungle Book‘s Neel Sethi and Bill Murray Duet on “The Bare Necessities”

Neel Sethi, who plays Mowgli in the new Jungle Book adaptation, joined his co-star Bill Murray (the voice of Mowgli's bear friend Baloo) to talk about making the movie--and of course, the two showcased their adorable friend chemistry in an entirely spontaneous duet of "The Bare Necessities".

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Jon Bernthal Joins Cuba Gooding Jr, Don Cheadle, and James Corden in a Late Late Show Dance Party

I'd like to think that the Jon Bernthal we see in this appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden is what Frank Castle was like before his life was torn apart by tragedy. Putting on dance shows as a kid set to the music of Prince for all the moms and first grade girls along with his best friend, Dougie Thornel.

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Review: Daredevil Season 2 Is Full of Grit, Moral Complexity, and Polarizing Side Characters

It’s been a loooong year waiting for the second season of Daredevil. So, I’m happy to report that season 2 was well worth the wait and, on the whole, an exceptional follow up to season 1.

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Jon Bernthal’s Family Helped Him Get Inside The Punisher’s Mind on Daredevil

"Us actors do weird stuff, man."

"There's no way I could even begin to tackle this role if I wasn't a father and a husband in my mind." Bernthal, who also brought the comic book character of Shane to life on AMC's The Walking Dead, is married with three kids.

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Jon Bernthal Explains Why It’s so Important for Him to Do the Punisher Justice in Daredevil

With Daredevil's second season rapidly approaching, we're all getting a little excited to see how the show handles its expanding cast of characters. One of the new additions when the show returns in March will be the Punisher, and actor John Bernthal is incredibly intent on getting the character right above all else.

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Netflix is Developing a Spinoff for The Punisher

Another surprise Marvel superhero series! That's the official word at this point; the streaming service is preparing to develop a spinoff revolving around the character of The Punisher (a.k.a. Frank Castle), with actor Jon Bernthal reprising his role as the famous vigilante.

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Fan-Made The Punisher Trailer Shows More Jon Bernthal Than Daredevil Teaser

Was the 2-second glimpse of Jon Bernthal's back in the new Daredevil teaser not enough for you?

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New Glimpses Into Marvel’s Daredevil and Agent Carter

Sousa's moving up in the world!

We've got a couple of new Twitter photos giving us new tiny glimpses into two of the most anticipated returning Marvel shows!

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Check Out Jon Bernthal In Action as the Punisher on Daredevil

We've now got one of our first looks at Jon Bernthal as the Punisher in character filming a scene for this upcoming season of Daredevil.

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