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Jon Bernthal’s Hot Ones Episode Is Exactly Why We Love Him

Jon Bernthal doing Hot Ones

The great part about Hot Ones is that we get an inside look at some of our favorite actors. From Elizabeth Olsen having the best sign off on Hot Ones yet to the iconic meme of Paul Rudd saying, “Hey, look at us” as he’s preparing his final wing or John Boyega searching for support in Issa Rae, the show has become a source of fun for fans of these performers, as well as the fans of the series itself. Because who doesn’t love the idea of someone being overly honest with people because of hot sauce? Now, the show is giving us a look at star of The Walking Dead Jon Bernthal!

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And with Bernthal, we were just reminded why we love him as an actor so much. The Punisher star took to Hot Ones to promote his upcoming film King Richard, as well as The Many Saints of Newark, but was cheerful and open with host Sean Evans about his career and toxic masculinity.

A lot of the interview was Bernthal breaking down his iconic roles, and one of those includes his work in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street. Bernthal had nothing but praise for Scorsese, saying, “It’s the mountain top; no one better, never will be. I learned more even with that sort of limited role. My whole acting style changed off of that.”

He went on to talk about the “sell me this pen” scene that fans seem to have clung to and how it was improvised between him and Leonardo DiCaprio. “I use it as a really good example of the way that Marty kind of works,” he said. “When Leo was walking to the set that day, his security was a New York City detective and he said he had a job interview with the real Jordan Belfort. And Leo said, ‘Really? What was the interview?’ And he said, ‘He handed me a pen and said sell that pen.’ So, Leo, he didn’t tell anybody. He just threw that into that scene. And everything was reactive off of that.”

And that’s just one movie. The entire interview ranged from where he had his death day party after Shane died on The Walking Dead to him talking about the excitement of filming Ford V. Ferrari. It was a great look at Bernthal as an actor but also listening to him say “dude” and “ya know” over and over again is delightful!

You can watch his full Hot Ones interview here:

Jon Bernthal is one of our most talented actors, and these candid interviews show us why he’s so beloved by fans. Plus, it just seems really fun to hang out and eat some wings with Bernthal. I’d even try “Da Bomb” again if it meant chilling with him.

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