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Lost Fans Can Help Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief and Indulge Their Geekery Thanks to Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Sadly, while the U.S. Government is aiding Puerto Rico after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, it's been doing so much too slowly, and with far too much bigotry. Average citizens. lay organizations, and celebrity efforts have had to fill in a lot of gaps in order to get Puerto Rico the aid it needs, and will continue to need as it addresses this humanitarian crisis.

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NBC’s Live Bye Bye Birdie Hopes to Be Less Sexist (and More Puerto Rican) Than Previous Filmed Versions

NBC loves them their live musical events, and we are closing in on their next offering, Bye Bye Birdie, which both stars, and is Executive Produced by Jennifer Lopez. Broadway legend, Harvey Fierstein, has adapted the musical's book, and has made some substantial tweaks to bring this picture of 1960s Americana into the 21st Century.

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Bye Bye Birdie is NBC’s Next Live Musical Starring Jennifer Lopez

With a girl like J. Lo, how can I be blue?

Bye Bye Birdie Live will air during holiday 2017 starring Jennifer Lopez as Rosie, the role originated by Chita Rivera on Broadway and later performed by Janet Leigh in the 1963 film adaptation.

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Things We Saw Today: Ad for Trans Rights to Air During the Republican National Convention

This 60-second ad that stars transgender North Carolina woman Alaina Kupec will play nationwide on FOX News during the Republican National Convention on Thursday.

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Things We Saw Today: This Chewbacca Can Koozie Always Wins

People will think twice before stealing your beer if you have one of these. This Chewbacca can koozie can be yours courtesy of ThinkGeek. Best part: it's fuzzy and it keeps your drink cold!

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Jennifer Lopez Becomes United Nations’ First Global Advocate for Women and Girls

Jennifer Lopez now has something much better than American Idol. She has just been named the UN's first Global Advocate for Girls and Women.

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The Boy Next Door Fans are Trying Super Hard to Buy First Edition Copies of The Iliad

Sing, J.Lo muse, of the rage of Achilles

Life imitates art: according to Richard Davies of the online bookseller AbeBooks, the now-infamous The Boy Next Door scene in which Jennifer Lopez is gifted a "first edition copy of The Iliad" has lead countless Internet users on a quest to find first-edition copies of the ancient, orally-derived work. See, print's not dead yet!

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Review: The Boy Next Door Is As Bad As The Trailer Looked

Stupidity in all its wide-screen glory.

The Boy Next Door clearly wants to have the same appeal that The Guest had last year, but the minds behind this movie clearly don’t understand “why” Adam Wingard's film worked. Instead of being fun and campy and featuring a really magnetic performance from the two leads, we get a movie which isn’t even so bad its good - it’s just really, really bad.

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Watch Anthony Mackie Play Catchphrase, Talk Falcon, Be Adorable On The Tonight Show

Is Civil War out yet?

Anthony Mackie holds onto his crown for "raddest fanboy member of the MCU" after his appearance on last night's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He plays Catchphrase with JLo; he loves the Falcon; he wants a theme song. He's the hero the Marvel Cinematic Universe deserves.

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Jennifer Lopez Launches Mobile Phone Company for Latino Reasons

So now she's Jenny from your local cell phone provider.

Superstar celebrity and awesome-butt-haver Jennifer Lopez is very invested in bettering the lives of her fellows in the  Latino community. To that end, she's announced a partnership with Verizon Mobile to launch a new cell phone company called Viva Movil, which will cater exclusively to Spanish-speaking residents of the U.S. and -- okay, wait, we're sorry. J-Lo is launching a cell phone company? J-Lo. The wedding planner herself. That's kind of ridiculous, right?

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