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Things We Saw Today: Kylo Ren Shows Up in Famous Scenes from Movies

What if Kylo Ren was in these famous movie scenes instead of, say, Clint Eastwood or Samuel L. Jackson? He certainly puts a twist on the classic scenes from 300 and A Few Good Men, that's for sure.

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Universal Unleashes Jaws 19 Trailer in Honor of Back to the Future Part II

Swimming to a theater near you, October 21st

Pepsi recently announced they'll actually be making the Pepsi Perfect bottle from Back to the Future Part II; and now, not to be outdone, Universal has released a trailer for Jaws 19. Pffft, where's your commitment, Universal! You couldn't actually make the movie?

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#ScienceAMovieQuote Combines Film and Science Nerdom With Explosive Results

"I love the smell of null hypothesis rejection in the morning."

Do you love rom-coms as much as you love studying chemistry? Do you live for analyzing the psychics of certain action sequences? Then #ScienceAMovieQuote is one experiment you're going to love seeing through.

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Minimalist Movie Posters, Made With Simple Sheets Of Paper

Get on my wall.

It feels almost unnecessary to write anything about artwork that manages to say so much with so little. My hat is off to the folks at Spanish design studio Atipo, who have proven the old adage about pictures being worth a thousand words.

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Jaws Works Surprisingly Well With The Godzilla Trailer Audio

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the nuclear power plant.

I don't think anybody in Amity Island was really worried that a giant shark was going to "send them back to the Stone Age," but if we're going to keep on with the new trend of putting 2014's Godzilla trailer audio over video from other scary movies, then Jaws is obviously a good one to work with.

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Show Your Love For Sharks With LEGO CUUSOO Jaws Set

What do you say when a shark grabs your leg? (Think about it.)

I would not mind having it within my ability to recreate the goriest showdown in the world's best shark movie wherever and whenever I please. Thankfully a LEGO CUUSOO JAWS: Orca's Last Stand set might be dunun-duning into reality soon--but first the creator will need a bigger fan base to make it happen.

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An Empassioned Fan’s Plea: Make Fifteen Jaws Movies to Maintain Back to the Future‘s Accuracy

Great Scott!

In case you don't remember, Back to the Future II contains a memorable scene where a dazzled Marty McFly, visiting the year 2015, is overwhelmed by a holographic advertisement for Jaws XIX, the 18th sequel to Steven Spielberg's Jaws. But, as Tumblrer Ctrayn points out, there are only four Jaws movies, which means movie studios have only six hundred and thirty two days to keep Back to the Future II from having a singular glaring continuity error. What? I'm sure the rest of the movie will turn out to be entirely accurate. Obviously, it's time to take things into our own hands, and if you'd like to join the mission of producing fifteen feature length Jaws "sequels," you should check this post on Tumblr, where folks have already shown enthusiasm for the project to the tune of more than 22 thousand notes. And, as Ctrayn says, "Even if your film is 40 straight minutes of a rubber shark floating quietly in a bathtub... it is still probably a more entertaining watch than Jaws: the Revenge." Previously in Sharks

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Weird Safe Sex PSA Reminds Us That Condoms Are No Good for Stopping Daleks or Jaws [Video]

Let's just hope Doctor Who writers don't see this as some kind of weird dare.

We're imagining that there's either some kind of geek STD outbreak in the UK, or they're just tired of geeks making so many little geeks, because their Centre for HIV and Sexual Health has put out a geek-centric PSA about proper condom use. To be fair, we'd definitely have paid more attention if sex education involved Daleks and the Hulk.

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#CrushItLikeQuint With Jaws Beer Can Re-Release

Here's to swimmin' with bowlegged women.

We tend to focus more on sci-fi and fantasy movies here at Geekosystem, but any film geek will tell you it doesn't get much better than Jaws. To celebrate how great Jaws is, and how great Shark Week used to be, the Narragansett Brewery re-released the can famously crushed by Quint the film. Oh, show me the way to go home...

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We’re Going to Need a Bigger Triangle: Minimalist Posters for Jaws, Star Wars, and More

eye candy

Michal Krasnopolski decided to see how many movie posters he could recognizably design using only the lines in this template. The results are pretty impressive.

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The Muppets as Characters in The Walking Dead, The Lord of the Rings, Other Less Than Kid-Friendly Movies and TV Shows

it's time to play the music

Now I'm imagining what Kermit could do with Legolas' dialogue. "They're taking the Hobbits to… gulp… Isengard." (by Kenny Durkin, via Laughing Squid)

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Things We Saw Today: Montreal, From Space

Things We Saw Today

Colonel Chris Hadfield has a tumblr where he posts pictures taken from his current home. His current home is the International Space Station.

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To Celebrate The End of Shark Week, Here’s The Best/Worst Hollywood Shark Attacks

Offered Without Comment

Because you need more sharks in your life. (via The High Definite)

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Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Some Classic Films

i'll just leave this here

As the saying goes, "a picture can say a thousand words." This is especially true when we've already had entire movies made surrounding the topics of said pictures, and thus thousands of words pre-associated with them. Nevertheless, these pictures from behind the scenes of some of the past century's most memorable films still find more to say all by their lonesome selves. 

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See Famous Pop Culture Enemies Hug It Out, Adorably


There's so much hate in the world (or universe, as the case may be), that's it's nice to see a little forgiveness, a little tenderness, a little love once in a while. German artist Ingrid Aspöck shows us what pop-culture life would be like if everyone just got along. Hint: very, very cute. 

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Universal Studios’ Jaws Ride Closes Down, but You Can Experience It With This Simulated YouTube Tour

Universal Studios' Jaws ride may be closed and gone forever, but a well-shot, simulated tour of the entire experience -- including the walk through the midway leading up to the ride -- forever lives on thanks to InsideTheMagic's YouTube account. The video tour, and nostalgia, after the break.

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Jaws Re-imagined As a Heartwarming Family Tale [Video]

And All Was Right With the World

In case you happen to follow me -- or The Mary Sue -- on Twitter, you might know that I was on vacation in Orlando last week. But the day I left for said vacation, I was really disheartened to find out that the Jaws ride, one of the original attractions at Universal Studios when it opened in 1990, will be closing! So, I rode it one more time, and it was a truly sentimental experience. (Eh, not really.) In fact, the video above -- by Caleb Hepler -- echoes my feelings almost exactly. (Again, not really.) I'll miss that curious shark! (Ehhhhhh ... maybe a little.) (via Laughing Squid)

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It’s a Great White, Charlie Brown!: Jaws As Peanuts

Just What You've Always Wanted

Charles Sanford Forsman has a different, more humble perspective on the story of Jaws, casting an abridged version of the movie with Peanuts-style characters. After the jump, see the entire panel he created. Consider this your dose of Sunday Morning Funnies: Summer Blockbuster Edition.

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Things We Saw Today: Nobody Gets Pants (Except for Wonder Woman)

Things We Saw Today

In the ongoing battle over Wonder Woman's pants (or lack thereof), this time nobody gets pants. (at Fashionably Geek)

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Things We Saw Today: Spiders Can Be Such Hipsters

Things We Saw Today

She also had legs and knew how to move them before that song came out. (At 9gag via Geeks Are Sexy)

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