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Show Your Love For Sharks With LEGO CUUSOO Jaws Set

What do you say when a shark grabs your leg? (Think about it.)


I would not mind having it within my ability to recreate the goriest showdown in the world’s best shark movie wherever and whenever I please. Thankfully a LEGO CUUSOO JAWS: Orca’s Last Stand set might be dunun-duning into reality soon–but first the creator will need a bigger fan base to make it happen.


Martin Brody, Matt Hooper, Sam Quint (before being chomped to bits), and, of course, Bruce. I’m talkin’ about sharkin’, guys!


Presumably once this set is yours to keep that ocean will instead be your bathtub. Or a bowl of jello. Whatever your crazy little CUUSOO-lovin’ heart desires.


The set’s creator hopes a portion of any proceeds made will go towards conservation, saying

I would love a percentage of any profits to go to Shark Savers to conserve this amazing animal.

Since the book & films release understanding the importance of marine conservation has become widely publicized and supported. However, the oceans are still losing vital species and habitats at an alarming rate. We have the power to change this.

As much as I love JAWS, there are a few other franchises I’d like to see immortalized in minifig form more. But I’m not about to perpetuate a myth of scarcity here, friends. The world can, and should, have all the LEGO.


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