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#ScienceAMovieQuote Combines Film and Science Nerdom With Explosive Results

"I love the smell of null hypothesis rejection in the morning."

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Do you love rom-coms as much as you love studying chemistry? Do you live for analyzing the psychics of certain action sequences? Then #ScienceAMovieQuote is one experiment you’re going to love seeing through.

Over the past few days a new trend called #ScienceAMovieQuote has exploded on the Interwebs, with film and science geeks alike coming together to create fun, science-based plays on beloved movie quotes. The results have been nothing short of hilarious and informative.

Just look at these prize pieces:

That last one. SIGH.

Apparently this new wave of #ScienceAMovieQuote tweets started pretty innocently, with a palaeontologist named Jon Tennant throwing up a throwaway tweet related to his work. As Tennant tells the L.A. Times, he felt compelled to react to some new dino-related findings with this:

Shortly after Tennant’s initial post, he got some Twitter love from others in the community, including Helena Ledmyr, who works Stockholm’s International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility and reposted a version of the original tweet with #ScienceAMovieQuote added. The rest has become a little piece of recent Twitter history.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a scientist has tried to get #ScienceAMovieQuote going (L.A. Times reports that neuroscientist Benjamin Saunders tried the trend out last November). It’s just surprising that it hasn’t taken off quite like this before. After all, as we all know, nerdom knows no bounds and just because you’re a huge science nerd doesn’t mean you can’t be as equally big a fan of the movies.

Now, with that said, please share you best #ScienceAMovieQuote examples below.

(image via American Film Institute’s Tumblr)

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