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James Marsters Tells the Story Behind That Buffy Scene That Made You Hate Spike

You know which one.

James Marsters tells the story behind the terrifying "bathroom scene" that changed the way we viewed Spike forever.

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Dark Horse Hires Familiar Actor To Write For Next Season Of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comic

Five by Five

Exciting news for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans. Dark Horse Comics have decided to bring in one of the show's actors to write an arc of the upcoming comic season. And they'll be bringing back a fan-favorite pairing. 

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30 Minutes of Previously-Unseen Buffy The Vampire Slayer Behind The Scenes Footage Released

Once More With Feeling

The stunt coordinator for Buffy the Vampire Slayer must have found a box of VHS tapes in his closet, because he just released 30 minutes worth of new behind the scenes footage! Check out James Marsters getting a haircut, David Boreanz learning his throws, Sarah Michelle-Gellar doing a chicken dance on ice skates*, and how all of the thrills, spills, and exploding things were filmed! I've gotta say, listening to Spike talk with an American accent is really trippy. *I'm not kidding about that, watch the video and see! (via Blastr) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Buffy’s Spike Almost Played Star Trek’s Captain Picard. Sorta.


James Marsters career is known for being genre heavy. There was of course his time as vampire Spike on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, plus stints on Smallville, Torchwood, and Caprica. But did you know he had a close call with Star Trek as well? Read on for details.

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Ebay Has Banned The Sale of Magical Items, Now We’ll Fail Potions For Sure

This is just like magic!

Oh Ebay. You were there for me when I was 12 and able to convince my mother that I absolutely needed a crappy alarm clock with James Marsters' face on it, and you're here for me now as I struggle to buy college books and make rent. Unfortunately, it looks like you won't have my back when I graduate next year and need a spell that will ensure me a well-paying job right out of college: in their 2012 Fall Seller Update, Ebay announced that it will ban all sales of magic potions, charms, and spells effective August 30th.

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Buffy/Angel Fans, Spike and Cordelia are Getting Married…On Supernatural

Officially Official

There are many things in TV news that have the ability to fill us with joy. Few of them are as effective, however, as when you promise to reunite some Buffy alums. (We've been trying to rally the fandom to get Sarah Michele Gellar a guest starring role on Bones for years.) News broke yesterday on just such a pairing. No, not SMG--she has her own show on The CW to worry about now. Instead, Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters--Cordelia and Spike, from Buffy and Angel, for those of you who read this site and somehow don't know--are slated to appear in an episode of Supernatural, playing an unhappily married couple.

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Angel Is Doing Things. Here Are Pictures.

What It Says On the Tin

Someone has a life-sized cutout of David Boreanaz as Angel. This same someone has taken to Tumblr and posted pictures of Angel doing things. If you can't pinpoint why this is funny, look at his face. Now think of a cat who has been dressed in clothing. And now you know why this is funny. After the jump, see more things that Angel is doing.

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