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Apple Disables iMessage “Butt” GIF Search After Bing Serves up My Little Pony Porn

Bing! We can't take you anywhere!

iMessage in iOS 10 is a weird bizarro land of new features and confusing menus, but the one that makes the most sense is the inclusion of native GIF search. That doesn't come without its own problems, however, and Apple took measures to keep things from getting NSFW by disabling certain naughty words from the search. One they didn't disable, however, was "butt," and the Bing-generated results made them regret that decision in short order.

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It’s Now Safe to Update to iOS 10, If Word of Bugged Updates Was Stopping You

iOS 10 came out yesterday, and such updates always come with a bit of uneasiness, but that quickly compounded when the update process began bricking people's iPhones and iPads (rendering them useless). However, if that scared you away from iOS 10, you'll be happy to know that Apple quickly fixed the bug, and you can now update with abandon—provided you're cool with all the new "features."

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Brand New Mario Game Super Mario Run Coming to Apple’s iOS First

Apple's iPhone event is underway, but before announcing the iPhone 7 (on purpose, anyway), they had Shigeru Miyamoto stop by to announce Nintendo's first real mobile game, Super Mario Run, coming first to iOS.

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Go Download Your Favorite Old Apps—Apple’s Purging the App Store of “Outdated” Content

Apple has announced that they'll be purging the app store of outdated releases soon, but it's not yet clear what qualifies as "outdated," since they didn't specify.

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These Super-Spy Sunglasses Will Make Your iPhone Screen Invisible to Onlookers

Celal Göger, a smartphone repair specialist in Turkey, has invented a very impressive gadget in his free time. It's a pair of sunglasses that allows the wearer to see what's on their iPhone screen, while simultaneously masking that screen from anyone else's eyes.

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How To Get Siri to Listen To You: A Cheat Sheet

Sometimes, talking to your iPhone yields very impressive results. Other times? You just feel like a fool. No more trial and error necessary, because the "Hey Siri" project is your cheat sheet for how to best communicate with the iOS AI assistant.

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iOS 10 Will Let You Register as an Organ Donor. Or You Can Do It Online Now!

Good news: you can sign up to become an organ donor via the iPhone's Health app once iOS 10 rolls out. Even better news? You can actually sign up to become an organ donor online right now.

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Apple Announces iOS X at WWDC 2016, Featuring iMessage Updates Like “Bigger Emoji”

Today, at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, the world learned about iOS X and the slew of updates that it will include. According to Craig Federighi, Apple's senior VP of software engineering, this will be "the biggest iOS release ever for our users."

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Apple’s Working on a Fix for the iOS 9.3 Link Bug You Might Be Dealing With

Someone call Ganon. Gotta fix a Link problem. ... What?

It's always best to wait and let over-eager users and technophiles check out a new software upgrade first and see if they run into any issues before going through with it yourself. iOS 9.3 recently demonstrated the value of this principle when a simple feature allowing links to open in apps instead of Safari caused app crashes and an inability to click links. For those affected, Apple is working on a fix.

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Interview: Mobcrush’s Koh Kim on Vainglory & Mobile eSports

We had a chance to speak with Koh Kim, co-head of business development at mobile game streaming site Mobcrush, about how mobile is carving out a unique niche in the eSports world, and what that might mean for eSports in general.

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iOS 9 Is so Secure That Zerodium Offers $1 Million for a Jailbreak

Has anyone tried touching it and yelling, "1, 2, 3, jailbreak"?

With the release of the iPhone 6s (and 6s Plus) just around the corner and iOS 9 freshly installed on many Apple fans' devices, the race to find a way to jailbreak the new software—allowing users to install whatever they want/wind up with viruses on an incredibly secure device—is on. And this time around, that race is being funded by Zerodium to the tune of $1 million.

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Review: Lara Croft Go Is Classic Tomb Raider in Slow, Beautiful Motion

As fun as it is to witness Lara Croft’s rise as a Tomb Raider, nothing beats trekking into a tomb dressed in the famous ensemble of blue tank top, brown shorts, and boots and hunting for ancient relics.

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RIP Your Battery Life: Final Fantasy 7 Out Now for iOS Devices

Nostalgia on the go!

Your poor phone will never know what hit it.

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Review: Broken Age Is a Better Kind of Boy-Meets-Girl Story

It’s hard to pick up a game months after you last played it and know what the heck is going on. Most people would rather start over than try to figure out what they were supposed to do or where they had to go next. With Broken Age, players didn’t have a choice. The adventure game debuted in January 2014 as Part 1 of 2, so those who started playing it then (including me) had to sit back for over a year before we could see the second half of the story. The wait was definitely worth it.

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New Game of Thrones, Batman, and Mortal Kombat Games Koming to Mobile Devices

All men must buy.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has a bunch of games from your favorite franchises coming your way for mobile devices. Now you'll have so many more ways to keep yourself occupied with your phone in boring situations like class, work, or the middle of conversations with other humans!

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Very Real “Pay Once and Play” App Store Category Takes a Swipe at Freemium Games

Shots fired.

Pay for a game once and then own it and play as much as you want! It's the revolution we've all been waiting for!

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No, Your Phone Doesn’t Have a Virus; Those App Store Redirects Come From Difficult-to-Stop Ads

We're sorry. We're so sorry.

We here at The Mary Sue can sympathize with annoying ad behavior from autoplaying, unmuted video to redirecting users to other sites entirely. Mobile browser users with Android and iOS devices have been getting app store redirects for a long time, and though the problem is difficult to stop, it isn't cause for concern—just annoyance.

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The Princess Bride Is Now a Mobile Game as You Wish(ed)

This means exactly what you think it means.

Nearly 30 years after the fact, you might have thought a Princess Bride mobile game was inconceivable. Your hopes for such a thing were probably mostly dead. And yet, against all odds, that's what bwings us togevva today.

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GoldieBlox’s First App Will Teach Kids About the Magic Of… Gif-Making?

Yeah ok.

Y'all should be aware that I'm a big fan of movies, gifs, and girls learning about science (specifically, in this case, the science of early motion pictures and the zoopraxiscope). But my favorite thing about the trailer for GoldieBlox's first app has to be the little girl version of the trailer guy voice they have going.

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Play Interstellar’s Solar System-Building, Physics-Based Space Exploration Game Right Now

The Internet has really turned movie tie-in games around.

Interstellar hits theaters on November 7, but until then, you can play their nifty web game to get your fix of science-based space entertainment. Build your own solar system, fly around to others nearby in the galaxy, stay on target to enter wormholes—whatever your inner space explorer desires. For an online movie tie-in game, this thing has a lot to offer.

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