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This Typewriter-Inspired Keyboard Inspires Nostalgia (and It Costs … $400)

I'm not the type to mock "hipster" accoutrements—not even the ones that cost $400, like the "Qwerkywriter," which is a typewriter-inspired keyboard that can be hooked up to a tablet or a computer for a dose of old-meets-new/manual-meets-digital chic. It's not for me. But I think I understand why it exists.

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Spotify’s “Found Them First” App Allows You to Reach Peak Hipster

But you already used it and will stop now that everyone found it.

Spotify sure has their hardcore music fans pegged; they've debuted a new app that automates the process of making sure you were into a band before everyone else and thus assuring that all the money you've spent on bowties, skinny jeans, and old-timey home decor was not a waste.

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Things We Saw Today: The Absurdity That Was “Portable” Gaming in 1991

"Just sling this white Xbox over your shoulder..."

I can't tell if this is an ad or photographic evidence taken just seconds before this kid was wedgied into oblivion and had his little gaming briefcase stolen. I'm also pretty sure that case is larger than if he just carried a whole NES around with him and called it "portable gaming."

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Elizabeth Beals Makes a Worthy Addition to the Canon of Hipster Superhero Redesigns


"Hipster" (which is to say, fashionably but normally clothed) versions of superheros are dime a dozen these days, but Elizabeth Beals' suite of superladies are wonderfully subtle. Well, okay, Starfire doesn't count, we'd know that orange skin anywhere. But I do love the nail polish.

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Hipster Mario & Luigi Probably Don’t Get Much Done

And Now For Something Completely Different

They just sit around with other video game characters listening to the Super Mario Bros. 2 soundtrack. Ironically. 

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Unpretentiousil Offers a Fake But Hilarious Cure for the Hipster Condition [Video]

People like to hate on hipsters -- self-identified or otherwise -- for a variety of reasons, but the actual definition of the word is still debated heavily across the Internet. For the most part, people seem to agree that hipsters are the folks that folks that conform to a series of traditional nonconformist philosophies, thus becoming conformists. How do you stop hipsters from being hipsters? Well, that's where Unpretentiousil comes in. The video explains it all.

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Hipster Disney Princesses Put On A Musical You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Pretty Pretty Princess

We all knew Hipster Ariel was a thing but it seems some of the other Disney Princesses felt they weren't getting their ironic due. You can thank Antonius Nazareth for the original music and lyrics and if you find it as catchy as I do, it's available for download! (via Neatorama) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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The Hipster X-Men: Being Accepted By Society Is SO 1990s

Fashion for Nonhumans

A lot of X-Men members would love to be accepted and integrated into society but the Hipster X-Men couldn't care less. You can thank artist Nate Bellegarde for that. Hit the jump to check out his hipster redesigns of more X-Men ladies. 

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Two Hunger Games-Inspired Videos For the Modern Pop Culture Fan [Videos]

i'll just leave this here

We're heading into another weekend, ladies and gents, and what better way to sign off for the day than with two videos made by fans of The Hunger Games who enjoy making parodies inspired by the blockbuster movie and books? Above, a version of LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" featuring Peeta Mellark and all of his bread. After the jump, "The Hipster Games." It's after the jump because it's soooo underground.

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Hipster Harry Potter: Because the Internet Loves You

There's An Apparate For That

Will we ever get tired of seeing the characters of our favorite stories get mashed into painfully true hipster versions of themselves?

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Things We Saw Today: Hipster ThunderCats

Things We Saw Today

Snarf was actually a really obscure indie rock band from Portland that had really great live shows, but never recorded an album. But you weren't expected to know that. (at The High Definite via BuzzFeed)

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Things We Saw Today: Spiders Can Be Such Hipsters

Things We Saw Today

She also had legs and knew how to move them before that song came out. (At 9gag via Geeks Are Sexy)

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These Characters Knew About the DC Relaunch Before it Went All Mainstream

Great Hera!

CallMePo has figured out why Power Girl, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown aren't reprising their old roles in the new DCU. They're way, way too cool for relaunches. (More behind the jump.)

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The Broship of the Rings

Not all that glitters is gold

We're a little late on this one, but when it was brought to our attention we had to share. Above is just one entry from Noelle Stevenson's art series The Broship of the Rings. Above is Eowyn. Quoth Stevenson: "Of course the Rohirrim are a biker gang." Welcome, ladies and gents, to a world where Shadowfax is a VW Van, Boromir pops his collar, Bill the Pony is a fixed-speed bike, and Arwen totally loved Aragorn before he was king.

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Hipster Animals Are Richard Scarry’s Best Not-Actual-Creation Ever

eye candy

Dyna Moe's Hipster Animals tumblr is just getting started, but it's already totally awesome. More after the jump.

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We Admit It, This Hipster Trap is Funny

An art installation found in New York City, this hipster trap contains the stereotypical staples of hipster life: American Spirit cigarettes, a can of PBR, silly plastic glasses, and a brightly-colored bike chain. We tried not to find it funny. We really did.

(via BuzzFeed)

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Hipster Science

I try not to cite too much. I don't want my favorite works to become too mainstream. #hipsterscienceless than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac

Today in funny things on Twitter: The #hipsterscience hashtag. (You probably haven't heard of it.) Taking research scientist humor and adding a dash of alternative pretense is always fun, and we've selected a few of our favorite examples below:

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20 Of the Very Best Hipster Princesses


The Hipster Princesses Meme began humbly, with only Ariel, but unlike its red haired founder, this meme has legs.  It's now expanded to lay its photoshopped plastic spectacles over a wide swath of female Disney characters. We've put nineteen more of our favorites after the jump.  After all, we've been watching this meme since before it became mainstream.

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Hipster Gandalf

Fun fact: The Lord of the Rings trilogy is about 3,000 times longer than the average Dwarves song. Also: Facepalm. (via Reddit)

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Hipster Hulk Smash — Ironically!

Steeped in irony, American Spirits, and crime fighting, the hipster superheroes are here to save the day (or, you know, whatever). (Via The Daily What)

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