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Things We Saw Today: Spiders Can Be Such Hipsters

Things We Saw Today

She also had legs and knew how to move them before that song came out. (At 9gag via Geeks Are Sexy)

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Um, is this the Millennium Falcon? At the bottom of the Baltic Sea? Can’t we just pretend that it is? (At io9)

And here is an adorable illustrated history of every role played by Johnny Depp. (By Derek Eads via BuzzFeed)

Portal mirrors: gorgeous, but if you’re having one of those weirdo half-dreams where you don’t know if it’s a dream or real, it might seriously freak you out. (At So Geek Chic)

Here’s a weird Mario Bros.Jaws mashup fantasy someone had then made a t-shirt out of it! And just in time for the summer! (At Ufunk)

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