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The Broship of the Rings

Not all that glitters is gold

We’re a little late on this one, but when it was brought to our attention we had to share. Above is just one entry from Noelle Stevenson’s art series The Broship of the Rings. Above is Eowyn. Quoth Stevenson: “Of course the Rohirrim are a biker gang.” Welcome, ladies and gents, to a world where Shadowfax is a VW Van, Boromir pops his collar, Bill the Pony is a fixed-speed bike, and Arwen totally loved Aragorn before he was king.

Also Second Breakfast is now the greatest Tolkein based filk band name ever.

See all of Noelle’s Broship of the Rings drawings (and all her other stuff, including a lot of X-Men: First Class “peace” puns) here.

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