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Things We Saw Today: Leslie Jones Is Back On Twitter

After much Twitter turmoil and three days of silence, Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones has returned to the social media platform with the above tweet. We knew she couldn't stay away, and we're glad she's back!

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Things We Saw Today: Ian McKellen Reads Roald Dahl Letters Reminding Us to Be Dinketysnipsy

This video of Ian McKellan reading two letters Roald Dahl wrote to a young girl having trouble with settling into school reminds us all to be imaginative Dinketysnipsy girls (and not sliggylumpfructious Veruca Salts).

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Dan Aykroyd Unloads on Haters Who Harassed Leslie Jones Off of Twitter

Dan Aykroyd had more than a few words for some of those terrible people who harassed Leslie Jones on Twitter the other night.

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Milo Yiannopoulos Permanently Banned From Twitter After Racist Harassment Inflicted on Leslie Jones

Yesterday, I wrote about the racist and sexist harassment inflicted on Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones, which was both participated in and encouraged by self-proclaimed "most fabulous supervillain on the internet" Milo Yiannopoulos. Now Twitter, after being called upon not only by Jones, but by fans and other victims of online abuse through their platform, has finally permanently banned Yiannopoulos, shutting down his account for good.

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Leslie Jones Singled Out for Racist Abuse on Twitter Over Ghostbusters

This shouldn't happen to anyone, ever. Certainly not over daring to star in the film reboot of a beloved franchise, but yesterday was the culmination of several weeks of racist abuse heaped on Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones for busting ghosts while black.

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Meet the Two Female MIT Physicists Who Helped Ghostbusters Stay as Close to Reality as Possible

Whether you realize it or not, the new Ghostbusters is packed with as many close-to-reality details as humanly possible. This was done thanks to the efforts of the two MIT physicists who served as consultants for the film: Janet Conrad and Lindley Winslow.

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Things We Saw Today: Aparna Nancherla’s Stand-Up Takes Summer Down a Notch

Comedy Central's 7 Minutes in Purgatory is a new show that forces comedians to perform without seeing or hearing their audience by sticking them in a truck.

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Ghostbusters Mini-Review Round-Up: We All Saw It, And Here’s What We Thought

So, Ghostbusters came out this past weekend. We all saw it. Here's what we thought.

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Ghostbusters Bits: Opening Stirs Up Buzz for Sequel, Plus You Can Buy Movie’s Ghosts From Our Past Book

Ghostbusters' $46 million opening weekend was enough to get early buzz for a possible sequel. Plus, you can buy the book from the movie, Ghosts From Our Past.

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Ghostbusters Projected To Earn Up To $50 Million in Opening Weekend

"Safety lights are for dudes."

Ghostbusters opened on Thursday night with $3.4 million, and now Variety is reporting that while the studio estimates it'll bring in up to $40 million opening weekend, "box office trackers" are convinced it will fall somewhere within the $45-50 million dollar range.

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Ghostbusters Review: I Ain’t Afraid of No Women Being Excellent

5/5 stars.

Ghostbusters surpassed my expectations in every way. It was funny throughout, well paced, with no huge downswing. If I have one criticism about the movie's structure, it's that the ending falls slightly flatter than the rest; but as a huge fan of the 1984 Ghostbusters (it holds special childhood movie status with me), I have to say the 2016 movie is just as good as the 1984 movie. Sony has a hit on its hands.

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Ghostbusters Open Thread: So, What Did You Think?!

While you should definitely keep your eyes out for our full Ghostbusters review, we also wanted to put up a fun open thread for you folks who got to check out the movie last night.

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Things We Saw Today: Harold Ramis’ Daughter Defends New Ghostbusters

If you were thinking about saying something to the effect of "Harold Ramis would be rolling in his grave at the travesty that is the new Ghostbusters movie," or something equally idiotic sight unseen, Ramis' daughter Violet asks you to rethink that position in a touching essay about her father over at SplitSider.

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PSA: Hey, Kids! Don’t Play Pokemon Go in These Places, Okay?

"Oak's words echoed... 'There's a time and place for everything, but not now.'"

Because we here at The Mary Sue are so safety-minded, and because we care about you a lot, we'd like to go ahead and suggest a few places where you probably shouldn't play Pokemon Go.

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Ghostbusters’ New Villain Is Straight out of Reddit, and It’s Glorious

G'busters *tips hat.*

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot hits theatres this Friday, and if you believe the IMDB ratings—LOL sorry, sprained something laughing—it’s an unmitigated clusterflick of a film.

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Can You Catch All the Ghostbuster Puns in This Weather Forecast?

Sian Welby of UK Channel 5 is back with her punny takes on the United Kingdom skies.

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Paul Feig Makes Cryptic Comment About “Dealing With the Studios” and Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters isn't officially out in the United States, and some fans might see this news as a spoiler (although I'd argue it absolutely is not). Still, you've been warned.

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Things We Saw Today: the Honest Trailer for Ghostbusters 2

ScreenJunkies reminds us of the many disappointments of Ghostbusters 2.

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Things We Saw Today: Ad for Trans Rights to Air During the Republican National Convention

This 60-second ad that stars transgender North Carolina woman Alaina Kupec will play nationwide on FOX News during the Republican National Convention on Thursday.

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Ghostbusters Is Getting Good Reviews, and Angry Fanboys Aren’t Here For It

Ultimately, people are going to see this movie—either to satisfy their own curiosity or to form their own opinion independent of positive or negative reviews. And to all the haters I say this: just because a movie isn't for you doesn't mean it isn't for someone else.

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