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Ghostbusters Toy Sales Have “Exceeded Expectations”

Bustin' expectations makes me feel good!


Early sales for the Ghostbusters toy line based on the just-released 2016 film have been better than anticipated, according to Mattel. In an exclusive with Variety, the company announced that among the top retailers in the country, toys are flying off the shelves way faster than expected.

One of Mattel’s strategies was reported to be displaying the action figures from the all-female reboot on shelves within aisles that were typically designated for boys. While the concept of designating specific aisles for boys’ and girls’ toys feels ridiculous and outdated, the success of the Ghostbusters toys is proof that toys don’t have to be tailored to one gender or marketed as such.

Kids have also supported the movie really well–after a decent opening weekend, the film went on to gross $62 million domestically within the first week, and the younger audience members have been giving it an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars over the past weekend.

It looks like most of those young Ghostbusters fans have also been enthusiastically asking their parents to buy them the action figures–unless they’re Melissa McCarthy’s kids, in which case they want to play with everyone’s action figure but hers:

(via Variety)

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