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George Lucas Family Foundation Endowment Provides $10 Million for Underrepresented Film Students at USC

Students of color have a new benefactor at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts! George Lucas' Family Foundation has provided the school with a $10 Million endowment to provide financial support to black and Latinx film students!

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George Lucas Says, “Goofy Was the Inspiration for Jar Jar Binks”

In his acceptance speech for the Disney Legends Award, George Lucas revealed the inspiration for the much-hated Jar Jar Binks ... and it's Goofy. Wait, really?

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Things We Saw Today: George Miller’s Justice League Concept Art

Oh, what could've been...

As if Mad Max: Fury Road weren't reason enough to love George Miller, check out the concept art from his now abandoned attempt to bring the Justice League to the big screen! Sadly, we'll only ever have the documentary film about the effort to hold onto. That, and this beautiful artwork. (via /Film)

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Help A Force for Change By Grabbing A Sweet Customized Stormtrooper Helmet

Star Wars fans giving back.

On Star Wars Day, Disney and Lucasfilm's charity, Force for Change, announced a new online auction in association with eBay's Giving Works for UNICEF - and all you have to do to donate is drop some cash on a sweet customized Stormtrooper helmet, designed by different artists worldwide.

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Review: “Strange Magic” Is More “Terrible Karaoke Musical”

Definitely strange, but far from magical.

I have a lot of respect for George Lucas after hearing him say that he made Strange Magic because he felt girls needed adventure stories as much as boys. After being disappointed by the way he relegated strong women in the Star Wars films to damsels, I get the sense that he's finally getting the point.

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George Lucas: I Made Strange Magic “Because You’re Not Supposed to Make [Adventure] Movies for Girls”

Only the Sith deal in absolutes. Anybody can like adventure movies.

There's no doubt that even though George Lucas intended Star Wars for young boys, the films appealed hugely to the rest of the human race as well. But this morning, in an appearance on CBS This Morning, the filmmaker discussed some of his motivations behind writing the story of Strange Magic, an animated musical starring fantasy creatures (directed by Gary Rydstrom, with writing credits from Lucas, Rydstrom, David Berenbaum, and Irene Mecchi) that hits theaters this Friday.

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George Lucas Says He Was Making Star Wars Episode VII Until Disney Saved Us Stepped In

When you wish upon a Death Star...

Listen, I love George Lucas for creating Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and more, and I love the original trilogy, Ewoks and all—especially Ewoks, haters. Yub nub. But unless The Force Awakens turns out prequel-trilogy-bad, I have no desire to see what Lucas would've done with Episode VII, and as he tells it, we were all about to find out until the Disney deal came along.

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Mark Hamill Says the Force Awakens Ball Droid Is a Practical Effect He Got to Play With; We Are Jealous

Don't worry. We can always go back and replace it with CGI later.

BB-8, also known as the "ball droid," "rolling droid," or "most adorable thing about the Force Awakens trailer" is a real thing that exists in the world, and that makes us so happy. That's not the only thing Mark Hamill talked about in a recent interview, either. Read on for more about Jedi beards, returning actors, and little mechanical balls of wonder.

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New Star Wars Attractions Coming To Disney Theme Parks, Will Be Based On The New Movies

But I wanna blow up a DEATH STAR!

If your first thought upon seeing the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was "whatever that weirdo circular droid is, I wanna ride it," then your dreams might soon come true. Yesterday, Walt Disney Co-Chief Bob Iger announced that the company is looking to expand its theme parks to include new Star Wars-based rides and attractions—but only ones which are based on the upcoming films.

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This Is What George Lucas’s Version of the New Star Wars Trailer Would Look Like

There has been a digital reinserting. Have you felt it?

Good. Use your obsessive feelings. Let the unnecessary CGI flow through you.

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The First Trailer For Lucasfilm’s Strange Magic Arrives

When we first reported on Lucasfilm's Strange Magic, starring Kristen Chenoweth and Alan Cumming, I was hopeful. After this first trailer though, I'm not quite sure how to feel.

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New Movie By George Lucas, Strange Magic, Will Hit Theaters In January

Aw, yay!

Personally I'm just happy it's not a Frozen sequel as was previously rumored, but all this other news about the movie is great, too! A new story full of goblins and fairies! CGI from Industrial Light and Magic! Kristen Chenoweth and Alan Cumming in the cast! Yes please.

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Dorkly’s Take On George “Child Ruiner” Lucas Is… Different

"Meesa here to make you question everything you ever loved!"

You consider yourself damn lucky I didn't use a pic of Jar Jar for this post, TMSers. As for Dorkly's comic... I can't tell you whether there's Jar Jar or not. I don't want to spoil it. The last panel packs quite a comical punch, and you should go in blank.

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Meanwhile In Star Wars News: Lupita Nyong’o Is Adorable, George Lucas Is Ornery

Basically the status quo at this point.

We don't know much about the role Lupita Nyong'o will be playing in Star Wars Episode VII, but we do know this: she is going to be the best thing about it. Just look at her. Please be our friend.

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Your Space Battle Physics Are All Wrong, and It’s All George Lucas’s Fault

Surprising no one.

Need another thing to be mad at George Lucas about? It's Okay to Be Smart has an video deconstruction of what's wrong with the science behind fictional space battles and why it's all his fault. Or you could accept that some scientific concessions made by space battles in movies are there as audio/visual cues for the audience's benefit for filmmaking reasons, and others could be explained by science so advanced it seems impossible to our current, mostly non-spacefaring civilization. Your choice.

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L.A. Mayor Tries to Convince George Lucas to Build Museum There, With Hilariously Last-Minute Twitter Campaign

"The shield is down! Commence attack on the Lucas main reactor!"

George Lucas and his wife are planning on building a cultural arts museum devoted to his legacy, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti really, really wanted them to build it in his fair city. So he took to Twitter with an obviously well-thought out and totally foolproof campaign, perhaps hoping that Lucas would not be able to repel hashtags of that magnitude. It definitely went extremely well—for people who like hearing snarky jokes about L.A.

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Here’s Where You’ll Be Able To Find The Ending To Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I will make it legal!

When the Lucasfilm acquisition happened, Disney decided to end Cartoon Network's Star Wars: The Clone Wars in order to kickstart a new animated series on Disney XD, Star Wars Rebels. "But what about Clone Wars???" we shouted! You'll be happy to know the series will be getting an "end," just not how you expected.

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George Lucas’ Son Refutes Star Trek Actor Rumor, Says His Father Is “Constantly Talking” To J.J. Abrams About Star Wars

TK-421 Why Aren't You At Your Post?

Although George Lucas is technically retiring from most of his duties at LucasFilm, that doesn't mean he's done with Star Wars. Far from it. Lucas' son was interviewed recently and gave us an idea of just how involved his father is with J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII.

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If We Had a Really Big Telescope, Could We See Star Wars?

And then if we get the super-high-tech-laser from Paycheck, could we watch Firefly, too?

Everyone likes watching Star Wars. They're awesome movies, and I think we've all had that majorly trippy moment when we realize "A long time ago" means that everything we're watching happened in the past. But if it was so long ago, and so far away, that the light is reaching us now-- does that mean we could theoretically watch Star Wars live?

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Things We Saw Today: Guillermo del Totoro

Things We Saw Today

Next time you watch My Neighbor Totoro, imagine the titular forest spirit with Guillermo del Toro's face for a new viewing experience. Brazilian artist Giovanna is responsible for this masterpiece, which arose from a simple typo. (via Neatorama)

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