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“Lady-Friendly” Doritos Are the Latest in Unnecessary and Confusingly Gendered Products

The "lady-friendly" Doritos chip will be smaller in size, "make less of a crunch noise", and come in a packet that's "specifically designed to fit inside a handbag." 

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The Lego Movie Sequel Will Be All About Exploring Gender Bias & We Are Here For It

"That’s the major thing that the movie is about. What’s different and similar about gender, when a boy plays vs. how a girl plays? What kinds of stories are there?"

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This “Beer for Her” Is the Worst Gendered Marketing Since the Last Gendered Marketing

Finally! Women are now able to drink the manliest of man drinks: beer. Never mind the fact that women already drink a whole lot of beer, because now we can stop hiding all that shame we weren't feeling!

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Cards Against Humanity For Her Is the Exact Same Game But Pink & It Costs More

Because we're worth it!

Cards Against Humanity has now released a just-for-women version of their famously irreverent game that's just as asinine as other *for her* products, but with a notable difference: the pointlessness is deliberate.

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This Was Not the Wonder Woman Marketing We Were Asking For

Keep those unrealistic body standards off our Wonder Woman.

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Are You Wondering Where the Wonder Woman Marketing Is? Yeah, Us Too

We've got just over a month before Wonder Woman hits theaters. By this time in a mega-blockbuster superhero movie's gestation cycle, potential audiences have long been drowning in promotional campaigns. Marketing is s huge part of the movie process. So where is the marketing for Wonder Woman?

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Someone Please Explain to Me Why This Razor Has Boobs

Also it's a robot. A robot razor with full breasts.

Now, thanks to Schick, we can finally picture an anthropomorphic razor with a well-defined bosom.

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Toy Store Commercial Casually Tosses Gender Norms Aside, Is Great as a Result

The holiday season is almost upon us—after we get all spooky for the rest of the month—and that probably means we've got a lot of gendered advertising coming our way, since we still live in a world of "boys'" and "girls'" toy aisles. Before that all kicks off, then, why not watch this UK commercial for Smyths Toys Superstores that tosses the gendered marketing out the window and gives us a kid who wants to fly through space and wear dresses?

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Sexist Ads Don’t Work, So Unilever Has *Gasp* Decided to Actually Stop Making Them

Unilever, which is the world’s second-biggest advertiser, did some research on the efficacy of their advertising strategies recently. They discovered that a huge majority of their advertisements contain negative stereotypes about women, and it turns out, that's not an effective tactic when it comes to marketing products towards women.

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James Gunn Promises Female Characters in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Merch (Again)

All a-holes deserve toys.

Your children (or you! No shame in your game) won't have to settle for Gamora-less merchandise after this next Guardians of the Galaxy movie—not if James Gunn has anything to say about it.

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LEGO’s The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon Wins ‘Boy Toy of the Year’ Award, Whatever That Means

But was Leia's kitchen included?

Last weekend was the annual New York Toy Fair, which was followed by the Toy of the Year Awards, in which LEGO took home some hardware: a "Boy Toy of the Year" award for their Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon. Pfffft.

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Things We Saw Today: Lionsgate Launching Magic Tree House Franchise

Magic Tree House, Mary Pope Osborne's long-running book series about a brother and sister sent on various exciting adventures by Morgana Le Fay (the series' mythology is wonderfully bonkers), is getting a live-action franchise adaptation from Lionsgate!

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Gendered Advertisements May Not Appeal To Millennials. Heh.

If you want to feel depressed about society's definition of gender roles, look no further than advertisements. But apparently, we millennials -- with our dangerous post-gender world-views and fluid theories about gendered socialization -- have started to frighten advertisers a little bit.

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When Feminism Becomes a Marketing Tool

Is it okay to use feminism to sell products? Commence mixed feelings in 3-2-1...

Feminism seems to have made such a dent that companies now see being anti-sexism as a way to sell products! It’s almost as if women are a majority of the population and it would be a smart business move to market products with their interests in mind, or something!

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Target’s Star Wars Boys’ T-Shirt Replaces Leia With Luke For No Reason

We all remember this scene from A New Hope in which Vader wags his finger at Princess Leia. So it's pretty disappointing to see Target selling a version of this shirt for boys featuring Luke photoshopped into Leia's place.

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Disney Store Removes Gender Divide from 2015 Halloween Costume Collection

It looks like Target isn’t the only retailer pushing away from the gender gap; Now Disney is stepping up to the challenge.

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Captain Phasma Costume Is Unisex, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Phasma costumes for everyone!

Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie, looks amazing so of course children and adults and pets alike will want to dress up in that badass suit. Disney even markets the costume on their store as just for "kids," so boys and girls can be the coolest kid on the block. However, Bleeding Cool noticed a different message on a costume at a Disney Store in the United States.

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Target Really Trolls Their Haters in Support of Rogue Customer Service Poser

Wow. Tell us how you really feel, Target.

Trolling is pretty much the worst thing, except when its powers are used for good—and Target has just executed possibly the most perfect example of that fact yet.

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Bic Flubs Again, Releases Ad Telling Women to “Look Like a Girl… Think Like a Man”

What fresh hell...

The ad, pictured above, recommends that women "Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, and work like a boss." Yeah. Okay. Sure. What the hell?

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Target Introduces Gender-Neutral Toy Aisles and Children’s Sections


Their unnecessarily gendered toy signs caused Target to face a lot of backlash over social media earlier this year. Good news: Target listened to the critiques and is now implementing gender neutral signage in toy aisle, kids bedding, and children's books!

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