Things We Saw Today: Lionsgate Launching Magic Tree House Franchise

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Magic Tree House, Mary Pope Osborne’s long-running book series about a brother and sister sent on various exciting adventures by Morgana Le Fay (the series’ mythology is wonderfully bonkers), is getting a live-action franchise adaptation from Lionsgate! Coming Soon explains,

Will Osborne and Jenny Laird have written the script for the first installment, based primarily on Book 29, Christmas in Camelot. In the movie, Jack and Annie rediscover the tree house after having outgrown it and are summoned to Camelot to be its saviors.

The series has already been adapted into a musical and a 2011 anime of the same name.

  • Voice actor Joe Alaskey has passed away at 63 from cancer. Alaskey was one of several actors to take over as the voice of Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny for Mel Blanc, and was also known for his work on The Rugrats, Duck Dodgers, and Casper. (via Comic Book Resources)
  • Harley Quinn Smith recently had a very scary experience in which two men tried to trick her into their vehicle by telling her they were her Uber ride. Fortunately, Smith recognized what was up; but she was in too much shock to remember the car’s license plate, and urges L.A. residents to report anyone matching the pair’s description to the police. Smith’s father Kevin Smith made her a “Sorry Men Suck” cake to help cheer her up after the experience, and, yeah…the cake doesn’t lie. (via Jezebel)
  • Recommended reading: here’s an interesting piece from Gabriel Diego Valdez on what it means for an actor to have a ‘thankless’ role, and some of the most thankless roles of 2015. Spoiler alert: one of them involves space bees.
  • Here’s 8BitDad on why it’s so awesome that Star Wars and Marvel underwear is now being marketed towards girls.

Well, that’s what we saw today. What about you?

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