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Game Show Had Men Guess if Women Were “Fat or Pregnant” & Tried to Sell It as Social Progress

No, really.

A game show in the Netherlands is gaining widespread criticism for their show 'Bring Your Bathing Suit,' which features segments like 'fat or pregnant?' 'Is this a man or a woman?' and 'Chinese or Japanese?' All of those are exactly what you're hoping they're not.

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The Discovery Channel Is Bringing Back Cash Cab, but With a Celebrity Twist

Wait, what?

You might wanna hold off on that reboot fatigue.

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CBS Just Ordered a Live-Action Candy Crush Game Show

CBS just ordered a live-action game show based on the hit mobile game, Candy Crush.

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After 20-Year Search, Huffington Post Reporter Finally Finds Carmen Sandiego

Kids in the late 1980s and 1990s had one mission stood above the rest: finding Carmen Sandiego. There were computer games devoted to the pursuit, as well as popular TV game shows like Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? It was on this show that we got the first-ever live-action portrayal of the titular criminal mastermind. There was only one problem. The role was uncredited, the actress' identity a mystery worthy of ACME Detective Agency. Until now!

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Last Night’s Jeopardy Featured A Head-Bashingly Sexist “What Women Want” Category

What is "No more of this bullshit on national television?"

Alex, I'll take "Disgusting Gender Stereotypes That Are Damaging As A Part Of A Larger Misogynist Culture for $500," thanks.

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Get Your Buzzing Finger Ready: Register Now To Try Out For Jeopardy!

If there's one thing watching Jeopardy! over the years has taught me, it's that Jeopardy is super easy, and I would totally win if I ever got the chance to play, just as long as I was playing against members of my immediate family and none of those occasional Bible question categories came up. In other words, I would totally win Jeopardy! Soon, though, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and try out -- again -- for the best game show America has to offer. You can too, if you decide to pit your wits against millions of contestants from across the country and the globe vying to be the next person going "Seriously, you guys, I don't think this buzzer is working!" in front of a live studio audience. Think you've got what it takes? You can prove it online next month. Keep reading to learn how.

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Complex Continuity for $400, Alex: Jeopardy to Introduce Marvel NOW! Category

Comic book geeks everywhere rejoice, now you can watch an episode of Jeopardy! without pretending you're muddling over the clue like you know the answer. This Thursday, December 13th, the Walt Disney Company is certainly taking advantage of its ownership over ABC and Marvel Comics by introducing a Marvel NOW! category to the quiz show's game board. Because, you know, everybody in America knows the minutiae surrounding the continuity of the X-Men franchise.

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