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Marvel’s Kevin Feige Wishes Captain Marvel Were First. I Say, Be the Studio That Has MORE THAN ONE.

One of the reasons that we love the Wonder Woman solo film so much, in addition to Patty Jenkins' masterful direction and a damn-near-perfect performance by Gal Gadot, is because it was the first time that moviegoers got a genuinely good film with a female superhero at its center. Now, we have Marvel's Captain Marvel to look forward to, and Kevin Feige has some mixed feelings about that.

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Well Sure, Professor Marston, Wonder Woman Does Sound Ridiculous When You Put It Like That

If you love comic book history, nuanced female protagonists, LGBTQIA+-centric stories, and tales of unconventional relationships, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women will likely be right up your alley. It not only tells the story of the creation of Wonder Woman, but of how she was influenced by the relationship between her creator, William Marston, his wife Elizabeth, and their lover, Olive.

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Marvel’s Kevin Feige Is Happy Wonder Woman Crushed That Woman Superhero Barrier He’s Spent Years Tiptoeing Around

There are a whole lot of Marvel fans who are disappointed by their heel dragging when it comes to producing a woman-led movie, and Wonder Woman's box office bonanza is proof of what they've been missing out on.

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DC Super Hero Girls Gets New Cartoon Network Series From My Little Pony’s Lauren Faust!

We're big fans of DC Super Hero Girls around here. They've been delivering fun, inspiring, and age-appropriate takes on DC's female heroes for their younger fans (as well as adults who value fun, inspiring takes on superheroes) not only through adorable web episodes and straight-to-video films, but through comics, books, and other merchandise. Now, they're making the jump into a full-fledged animated series!

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La Borinqueña Saves the Day As This Puerto Rican Superheroine Takes Comics By Storm (Literally)

Though he's worked for the Big Two in the past, Nuyorican comics creator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez realized that if he wanted to create the kind of Puerto Rican superheroine he wanted to see in comics, he'd have to do it himself. Enter Marisol Rios De La Luz, A.K.A. La Borinqueña.

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Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro Podcast Set to Give Comics’ Black Superheroines Their Due

When we talk about things like representation in comics, it's very easy to focus exclusively on what's not there. Equally important, however, is celebrating (and sometimes reminding ourselves!) of what is there and what has been there all along! Powerful black superheroines in comics are not new or news. Rather, they often don't get the coverage or conversation they deserve, despite their long, rich histories. Misty Knight's Uninformed Afro is looking to change that.

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Empowering “Hostage Girl”: Why We Need to Subvert Woman-As-Prize Tropes

I don't want to watch women struggle against their chains and be saved—or worse, killed off to cause the men in their stories pain. That's overdone and monotonous. I want to see them in the middle of the fight kicking ass right alongside or instead of the men. I want them to get their own "Hell yeah!" moments that have to do with things they've done rather than what their male counterparts have accomplished.

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Review: Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 2 Beatable Only by Squirrel Girl Vol. 1

Squirrel you know it's true.

Hopefully, all of you who read my review of Marvel's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 1 immediately ran out and got on board the Squirrel Girl train. Doreen Green is one of Marvel's best characters right now, and you need to join in on her adventures immediately! That said, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 2: Squirrel You Know It's True, takes a bit of a dip in storytelling, and is slightly less successful as a collection.

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Nigerian Short Film Oya: Rise of the Orisas Stars Female Superhero Based in West African Folklore

Oya: Rise of the Orisas is a short film from Nigerian writer and director Nosa Igbinedion that's already gotten tons of fan support online. Probably because the world really wants to see more female superheroes of color. But what do I know? Anyway, check out the short film after the jump!

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Stan Lee Global Entertainment Delivers Their First Chinese Female Superhero Lead in the Upcoming Realm

Stan Lee Global Entertainment is set to debut Lee's first Chinese female superhero, skipping over comics and going straight to film in the upcoming Realm.

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Nickelodeon’s TMNT Character Designer Dou Hong Draws the DC Super Hero Girls

Surprise, they're ADORABLE!

Dou Hong, artist and character designer at Nickelodeon, posted some awesome fanart of the DC Super Hero Girls Initiative, a new superhero line for girls aged 6-12 that Warner Brothers, DC, and Mattel just launched. The line features a bunch of our favorite superheroines as young girls

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Marvel A-Force Writer G. Willow Wilson Takes Issue with Jill Lepore’s New Yorker Op-Ed Calling Her Heroes “Porn Stars”

So I was the last person on the internet to find out about this little op-ed by Jill Lepore. When Harvard professors are throwing shade on you from the rarified heights of the New Yorker, you have officially arrived in life, or at least in comics. So I was rather chuffed by this piece, though I do want to respond to some of the points raised, because they tie into some of the broader conversations we’ve been having lately in the comics community. I’d like to give a shout-out to Valkyrie Leia Cal

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Meet Silk, Marvel’s Newest Female Asian-American Superhero

It's about time.

Crime-fighting superhero, female, Asian American, and kick-ass. What more could you ask for from Cindy Moon, AKA Silk?

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Barbie Launches New Line Of Superhero Dolls Called… Princess Power

Well, they're trying.

Okay, the whole princess thing aside, this is pretty cool, right? Her tiara is a MASK.

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Things We Saw Today: Star-Lord Lolita

"What a bunch of super-duper-cuties!"

The best part of this incredible Lolita Star-Lord design by Siren is clearly the Awesome Mix cross-body bag. Someone make one of those IRL, stat. I will buy the heck out of it. (via NSlayton)

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Marvel Executive Calls For Female Superheroes In Front Of And Behind The Cameras

Marvel's Victoria Alonso said some very important things this weekend. Let's make sure everyone hears them.

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Jessica Chastain Tells Vanity Fair Everyone Is Ready For A Female Superhero Film

Give this woman her own superhero film immediately.

Actual hero Jessica Chastain has been speaking out recently about her desire to see a female superhero film, and she brought it up again during a TIFF interview with Vanity Fair for her film Miss Julie. She wants lady superheroes; she wants lady villains; she is our uncaped crusader for justice in the comic movie world. Let's start the "Chastain for Batwoman" campaign stat, shall we?

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Jessica Chastain Wants to Know Why the Hell Scarlett Johansson Hasn’t Gotten a Superhero Movie Yet


Marvel, you don't appear to be listening to us when we clamor for a Black Widow movie. But will you listen to Jessica Chastain? We're plebes, but she's a multiple Oscar-nominated actress, icon of class and style, and a crusader against the way the media pits women against one another. You don't want to disappoint her, do you?

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What Would Happen If A Lady Superhero Pitched Her Own Movie?

This would be hilarious if it wasn't so painfully accurate.

We all know it's high time Hollywood gave us a lady-led superhero film (that isn't Halle Berry's Catwoman). But given the studio system's intense reluctance to do so, what do you think would happen if a real-life female superhero tried to pitch a movie of her life?

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