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Tim Miller on Board for Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Instead of Deadpool 2, Because, Why.

Life is full of mysteries. One of those mysteries is why Tim Miller would choose to depart Deadpool 2 over "creative differences" and then, within days of that decision, hop on board the creative team for Sony's Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

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John Wick Director Totally Makes Sense as Deadpool 2 Directorial Frontrunner

David Leitch, who directed last year's sleeper hit John Wick, appears to be the frontrunner to take on directorial duties for Deadpool 2.

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Sources Say Tim Miller Left Deadpool 2 Because He Didn’t Like Ryan Reynolds’ “Scrappy” Take

The first Deadpool movie had a scrappy, low-budget feel because it had no other option. But Deadpool 2 could be a high-budget, mainstream superhero movie... if it wanted to be. But that isn't what Ryan Reynolds wants.

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Reservoir Mercenary: Fans Petition Quentin Tarantino to Direct Deadpool 2

In the directorial vacuum that's emerged since Tim Miller dropped out of directing Deadpool 2, a fan-backed contender could soon emerge.

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Director Tim Miller Parts Ways With Ryan Reynolds Over Deadpool 2

Not all parting of the ways are unpleasant; Miller's split from the project was reportedly amicable. While Miller hadn't officially inked a deal, he had been working on the script and the expectation had been that he would return to direct the 2018 film.

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Gambit Finally Gets a Filming Date, Cherie

Production on the Channing Tatum-starring Gambit has been plagued with delays following director Rupert Wyatt's exit last fall and x-tensive rewrites.

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Things We Saw Today: Deadpool 2 Hopes To Begin Filming Early Next Year

Title probably TBD.

Writer-producer Simon Kinberg confirmed that the team hopes to begin filming the sequel to Deadpool early next year--although he's not entirely sure where it will be filming yet: "I can only tell you that it’s going extremely well and that’s about all I will tell you about it."

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Fox Has Delayed Gambit. Will Deadpool 2 Take Its Slot?

Also, Wolverine 3 is still happening?

Fox just quietly removed Gambit from its upcoming release schedule, suggesting that the movie needs some more time to stew. Meanwhile, speculation abounds that Deadpool 2 could end up taking that empty slot.

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Fan Photoshops an Unlikely Contender for Deadpool 2 Role

Tragically, it's not Betty White.

Some spoilers to follow if you haven't seen Deadpool yet.

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