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Final Deadpool 2 Trailer Assembles* the Whole X-Force, With a Surprise Addition

*Unless the Avengers have that trademarked.

The Deadpool sequel is only a month away now, and what a long way we’ve come from the time when the first one was seen (by the outside world, anyway) as a surprise hit. Things have gotten bigger in every way, as they often do for the sequel, and the final trailer shows off the whole of Deadpool’s expanded X-Force team, including a surprise member.

Something that strikes me as odd about the trailer, which has throughout the entire lead-up to this movie, is the idea that Domino’s (Zazie Beetz) superpower of luck is somehow difficult to imagine as cinematic, when … isn’t that basically the superpower of every non-superhero action movie star ever? How many times has there been an action sequence in a movie wherein the hero narrowly manages to perfectly skate through seemingly impossible obstacles, time and time again, to the point where the idea that they don’t possess some kind of superhuman ability is kind of silly?

Domino’s power is basically an excuse to ramp that up to levels that would normally strain even superhero movie-level suspension of disbelief, and that sounds awesome—and plenty cinematic.

TJ Miller’s presence has also gotten even more uncomfortable after he was arrested for allegedly calling in a bomb threat on an Amtrak train—one that was reportedly the result of “hostile exchanges with a woman who was sitting in a different row from him,” after which he told 911 that she had a “bomb in her bag,” according to a Department of Justice press release. I wonder if there’s still time to replace him with Christopher Plummer and make some fourth wall-breaking jokes about it? It would fit right in with the ones about Thanos and DC movies, and we hear it can take as little as nine days.

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