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Impossibly Talented Comics Creator Kate Beaton Needs Your Help

Unfortunately, Beaton's current project isn't that fun. She's launched a YouCaring crowdfunding campaign to raise money for her sister, Becky Beaton, who is currently fighting cervical cancer. As we here on this site are passionate about both Beaton's art and women's health, this hits doubly hard.

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Things We Saw Today: Google Sure Is Excited About the Hole Puncher

Happy birthday to a seriously undervalued device with roots in Rennaisance engineering!

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Help Tell a Story That Needs to Be Told: Missing Explores the Cruel Realities of Human Trafficking in an RPG

MISSING: The Complete Saga aims to tell the story of a young girl faced with the cruel realities of human trafficking by way of an RPG.

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Voldemort Gets an Origin Story in Slick-Looking Harry Potter Fan Film

We're already getting an official Potter-universe origin story through the Fantastic Beasts movies, which will soon feature Jude Law as a young Dumbledore and his interactions with Gellert Grindelwald. We still have little idea where the series will go from there, though and this fan film is stepping up to fill in some gaps in the rise of Voldemort.

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Interview: The Doubleclicks’ Angela Webber On “Women Know Math” and Why Gender Is An “Everything Problem”

The Doubleclicks are a Billboard-charting, geeky, feminist, indie-folk sister duo from Portland that we love immensely. Today, they've released their newest song, "Women Know Math," in a video that features the artwork of 50 female and gender non-conforming artists to illustrate a song that is, according to a statement from the band, "infused with frustration over being told how women are 'supposed to act.'"

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Female-Led Crowdfunding/Distribution Platform Seed&Spark Kicks Off #100DaysOfDiversity to Spotlight Marginalized Voices in Film

[UPDATED 1/21/17 - 2:45AM ET With Trump's inauguration, Seed&Spark is kicking off #100DaysOfDiversity. Because they're tired of think pieces and studies on gender and race disparity in Hollywood.

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Interview: Mali Elfman Talks Clive Barker, Indie Filmmaking, and Why Horror Films Matter

Also, there's a rad COMICS GIVEAWAY!

Mali Elfman loves genre films - especially horror - and while her dad (composer Danny Elfman) has tackled all things creepy from a musical perspective, she has gone the filmmaking route, producing, directing, and starring in stories that are generally designed to scare the crap out of you - or at least make your skin crawl a little. Even better, she believes in creating opportunities for other independent filmmakers, and has been doing just that as one of the founders of Fun Size Horror.

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Anthology The Good Immigrant Crowdfunded Thanks to Hundreds of Pledgers, Including J.K. Rowling

A very exciting project launched on Unbound on Monday titled The Good Immigrant and within a week it's been fully funded. Various authors, including JK Rowling, David Nicholls, Jonathan Coe and Evie Wyld have pledged, with Rowling donating five thousand pounds.

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Patreon Crowdfunding Site Hacked, so Now Might Be a Good Time to Change Your Password

But you already do that regularly, right? Yeah, me neither.

The Internet makes it a lot easier for artists and other creative people to fund their endeavors with sites like Patreon, but using such services also makes their personal information a lot more vulnerable to attack. Sadly, Patreon CEO Jack Conte warned users last night that the site had, indeed been hacked.

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Ron Perlman Says He Won’t Crowdfund Hellboy 3

The whole "lonely hero" thing.

In an interview with Digital Spy Ron Perlman spoke briefly about Hellboy 3, announcing that while he had "no news" to share "there's always a chance." When asked if Perlman would consider crowdfunding the film, he replied that he isn't a fan of the idea.

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Crowdfund the Spock Doc! Leonard Nimoy’s Son Is Kickstarting a Film About the Late Star Trek Actor

Adam Nimoy, son of the late Leonard Nimoy, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for "For the Love of Spock."

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Bob’s Burgers Writer Wendy Molyneux Drake To Hate-Watch Entourage For Charity

Some people will do ANYTHING to fight cancer!

The Simpsons writer, Matt Selman, alerted us to an awesome, if slightly unusual, GoFundMe page today, via his Twitter account. That of Bob's Burgers writer, Wendy Molyneux Drake, who really, really, really doesn't want to see the film Entourage.

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[UPDATED] When Trolls Attack: Feminist Deck’s Kiva Bay and Kickstarter Battle the Dark Forces Of Internet Bullshittery

We recently had the pleasure of telling you about artist Kiva Bay's awesome Feminist Deck project - a series of adorable cards depicting and celebrating living female feminists that she admires. We are also honored to have two of our own - Sam Maggs and yours truly - depicted in the deck. This project has a Kickstarter, and it needs your help.

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Mother-Daughter Duo Raise Over $16K to Create Children’s Superhero Story to Inspire Young Girls of Color

Seven-year-old Natalie McGriff, from Jacksonville, FL, used to hate her hair and hate reading. Many parents would sigh and not know what to do about sparking a love of reading and raising their child's self-esteem. However, what Natalie's mom, Angela Nixon, did instead was collaborate with her daughter to create a children's book, The Adventures of Moxie Girl.

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Thinking of Crowdfunding? Make Sure You’re Not Doing Anything Illegal!

Some thoughts from an IRL lawyer.

We are living in an amazing age for content creators and entrepreneurs. The rise of crowdfunding has revolutionized how artists and fans create new and exciting works, and how entrepreneurs can start entrepreneur-ing. But like any new thing, the kinks are still being worked out. The crowdfunding model is so new that a lot of laws and regulations haven’t caught up with it, and so accessible that users may be diving in without fully realizing the costs or rules they have to follow.

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“Success Kid” Meme Star Helps Crowdfund His Dad’s Kidney Transplant

There is still good in the Internet. I can feel it.

In possibly the most Internet story of all time, the now-partially-grown kid known across the Internet as "success kid" has successfully crowdfunded a kidney transplant for his father and managed to inspire us all with hope once again in the process.

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[Updated] Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk Raising Funds for New Series: “It’s the Quickest Way to See Us Back on a Spaceship”

Shut up and take my money!

Firefly's Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk are collaborating on a web series about convention life and sci-fi stars, but that's not relevant to your interests, right? No. Certainly not.

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“Miss Possible” Dolls Teach Young Girls About Historical Role Models

WTB Ada Lovelace doll PST

Behold the latest Barbie-challenger to enter the field: Miss Possible, an as-of-yet conceptual line of dolls designed to introduce young'uns to inspiring women in history.

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Things We Saw Today: Doctor Doom As an ’80s Pop Sensation

Nice shades.

Rocky Davies also did 80s album covers for the Joker, the Xenomoprh, and Shredder. "You know, like Doom tried to do some good PR and produce an upbeat pop album," says the artist. "It has hits like 'Latveria, Why Latveria?' and 'Doom Done Did It Again' and 'Four Coffins' and 'Chrome Dome.'"

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Guys, LeVar Burton Needs Our Help Bringing Reading Rainbow Back [VIDEO]

Vital Information for Your Everyday Life

May 28th, 2014: Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and there's a Kickstarter campaign to bring Reading Rainbow back. Its new incarnation won't be the same as it was before Satan reached up from Hell and cancelled it in 2009. Instead of a half-hour TV show, it'll be a series of video field trips and interactive kids books better suited to today's digitally connected world. LeVar Burton explains it all in the vid above, but here are some highlights: Part of the money raised will go toward making the new Reading Rainbow free for cash-strapped schools. That Star Trek pun. A completely accurate representation of what it would be like to meet Burton IRL. And the a special cameo at the end. But you don't have to take my word for it. Watch the whole thing yourself. After all, you don't want to disappoint LeVar Burton, do you? Because we know from Community that that's the worst feeling in the world. (via: Geekosystem) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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