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Review: They Don’t Call It Justice League DARK For Nothing

Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment's latest animated feature, Justice League Dark, is out on Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD today, and if you're interested in the supernatural side of the DC universe, or want to fall in love with Zatanna if you haven't already, this is definitely one you'll want to pick up.

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Things We Saw Today: Sia’s Music Video for “The Greatest” Memorializes Orlando Shooting

Sia's music video for her song "The Greatest" is a tribute to the Orlando nightclub shooting. In the video, 49 dancers (the same amount of people massacred) perform a powerful routine.

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CW Not Planning to Do Anything With Constantine Right Now

For those of you who got really excited about seeing Constantine in the Arrowverse, don’t get your hopes up for additional encounters any time soon. It looks like the character will be sitting on the backburner for the indefinite future.

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Things We Saw Today: Can Just Anyone Be Iron Man Now?

Apparently, we can't just have one new Iron Man in Riri Williams. A "reformed" Doctor Doom will also be taking on the Iron Man mantle in a new title called Infamous Iron Man. According to Nerdist, “the greatest villain of the Marvel Universe will try something new. Where Tony Stark failed, Doom will succeed. What is Doom’s Master Plan?” I guess Marvel's really determined to have, like, a jillion people being each hero, huh?

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Things We Saw Today: Peggy’s Got a Gun In the Latest Agent Carter Teaser

Peggy Carter's got a shotgun in the latest teaser for Agent Carter, which is edited as though it's advertising a madcap comedy rather than a high-stakes action thriller.

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Constantine Back on TV in The Trailer for His Appearance on Arrow

"On with the show." SUBTLE, CW.

What is this strange world in which Marvel and Sony have teamed up on Spider-Man, and NBC is totally cool with The CW's Arrow using John Constantine with the same actor (Matt Ryan)? I don't know, but I do know that I like it.

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Boston Comic Con 2015: Interview with Ming Doyle, Constantine Illustrator & Co-Writer

Ming Doyle, comics illustrator and co-writer for Constantine: The Hellblazer, spoke with us at Boston Comic Con about her creative process, her dream projects (e.g. a Cthulhu-inspired Namor story), her tips for navigating the "weird world" of social media, and her dislike of reductionist tropes for women characters.

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Constantine Lives…on The CW’s Arrow

More tasty Matt Ryan in that trench coat is A-OK by me.

It looks like we can't get rid of our favorite misanthropic Master of the Dark Arts that easily! We've heard speculation about this, but now it's been confirmed! Matt Ryan, who brilliantly played the titular character on NBC's short-lived Constantine, will be donning the trench coat once more! Only this time, he'll be playing the character on The CW's Arrow.

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Why Can’t We Have Bisexual Male Crime Heroes?

Robert Karjel recently penned a piece for The Guardian titled "A thriller with a bisexual male hero? American readers can't handle it," discussing the reviews he's received on his novel and his decision to portray a bisexual protagonist. Looking at reviews on Amazon, The Swede has gotten a lot of positive attention, but Karjel points to a couple comments that stand out.

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Arrow Casts Echo Kellum As Mr. Terrific

But wait! There's more!

Actor and comedian Echo Kellum (Sean Saves the World) was just cast as Mr. Terrific/Chris Holt in Arrow's fourth season. The show will introduce Holt as an employee at Palmer Technologies under Felicity Smoak's supervision.

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Fear Not, Hellblazers! Arrow Showrunner Wants to Bring Constantine Back … on Arrow


There may not be hope left for Constantine the SHOW to come back, but its star—both the character John Constantine and actor Matt Ryan—may still have a chance to return to TV screens if the rest of DC's TV universe has anything to say about it.

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Daniel Cerone Declares Constantine TV Show Officially Dead

"All I can report is that the show is over"

Bad news, Constantine fans. Yesterday, co-creator Daniel Cerone announced that the Vertigo adaptation is officially dead.

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[UPDATED] Stephen Amell Suggests Arrow Crossover For #SaveConstantine

NBC may have passed on a second season of Constantine, but all hope is not lost. Fans and stars alike have been tweeting their support of the show in the hopes that another network might give it a chance - including Arrow's Stephen Amell.

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Showrunner Says NBC’s Constantine Is Not Officially Cancelled, but a “Long Shot”

Constantine still has some demons to slay.

There's been a lot of back-and-forth about the fate of NBC's Constantine, and fans need to know what's going on! Well, we're at least a teeny bit closer to knowing what's up one way or the other. Constantine showrunner, Daniel Cerone, recently confirmed with Comic Book Resources that our favorite Master of the Dark Arts still has some life in him yet.

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Fox Picks Up DC Comics’ Lucifer For Pilot While NBC Continues to Waffle on Constantine

Yup, another DC Comics property is getting the pilot treatment.

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Show and Tellblazer – Constantine: “Waiting For the Man”

Did this week's episode of Constantine live up to its Friday the 13th air date?

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Let’s Take a Minute To Celebrate The Awesome Female Creators At DC Comics

Yesterday the annual DC summit wrapped up at their new offices in Burbank, California, and clearly a good time was had by all (though it would have been better if they've stayed in New York City and we got to hang out with them... shh, no, Victoria, don't be jealous). Here we have Babs Tarr (Batgirl), Ming Doyle (Dark Universe), Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy), Annie Wu (Black Canary), and Genevieve Valentine (Catwoman).

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Things We Saw Today: Rock a Mean Han Solo on a Millennium Falcon Guitar

Come on, baby. Hold together.

This awesome, light up Millennium Falcon guitar was built by DoniGuitars. Sadly, the "Rebel Bass" model is predictably hard to track down.

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Show and Tellblazer – Constantine: “Angels and Ministers of Grace”

In which Constantine becomes Eli Stone (which, if you haven't seen, you should go watch immediately).

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Show and Tellblazer – Constantine: “A Whole World Out There”

I gotta be honest, the title of this week's Constantine makes me want to sing the Aladdin soundtrack.

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