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Wholesome Keanu Reeves Was the Star of [email protected]

Keanu Reeves in Always Be My Maybe

Keanu Reeves is one of those actors that I truly think everyone loves. If you don’t love Keanu, I have some questions for you. But this past weekend’s [email protected] (this year’s San Diego Comic-Con stand-in) provided some incredible Keanu content. From talking about Bill & Ted Face the Music to a panel discussion on Constantine, Keanu Reeves was the internet’s chosen star of the weekend’s festivities.

2020 is a strange year in general, but especially for San Diego Comic-Con. Usually a huge spectacle, this year’s celebration was completely online and featured a lot of reunions and conversations from entertainment industries instead of the usual fanfare we’ve come to know from SDCC.

But one shining star became clear, and that was Keanu Reeves. Doing panels for both Bill & Ted and Constantine, the star is just super excited about making movies and getting to come back to roles he loved playing. As someone who has loved Keanu Reeves for as long as I can remember, it was just great to see how excited he is about his roles. So often, we see celebrities try to distance themselves from the roles that (for lack of a better analogy) “made them famous,” but with Keanu, he just embraces each one.

Talking first about Constantine, Reeves was clearly just so happy to be making movies in general. From listing the crew to getting excited about props, it was a wonderful time that showed just how much Keanu Reeves loves what he does.

Then, there was the Bill & Ted panel. Moderated by Kevin Smith, Keanu was joined by costar Alex Winter, their onscreen daughters, and the creators behind one of my favorite franchises. The entire panel is about as wholesome as you’d expect, with everyone talking about coming back to their roles and the story nearly 30 years later, and one thing was made abundantly clear: We have to be excellent to each other.

The best parts came in the form of Kevin Smith realizing that Samara Weaving (the niece of Hugo Weaving) was now working with Keanu after Reeves (as Neo in The Matrix films) killed her uncle.

But, most excellently, Reeves talked about the joy that he gets from returning to the world of Bill S. Preston esquire and Theodore “Ted” Logan.

“There’s nothing like—I mean, I can’t feel or laugh or do anything like the way that working on Bill & Ted does and working with Alex,” Reeves said, and it truly was an emotional moment, not only because Bill and Ted mean a lot to us as characters but these two clearly love bringing these stories to life, and getting to see Keanu and Alex back in action is going to be wonderful.

So, here’s to Keanu Reeves, one of the best guys around who just loves his job and what he gets to do, and honestly, that’s the kind of wholesome content I’m here for.

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