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I’m Gonna Need an Update on ‘Constantine 2’ Like Now

Keanu Reeves as John Constantine

Back in 2005, the movie Constantine came out and changed my (then) 13-year-old life. I went on a school trip to the University of Southern California (known as USC) and was taken to a library there and gasped when I saw it because I knew. They’d filmed Constantine there. It was Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, Rachel Weisz as Isabel Dodson, and an all-star cast of actors we’ve seen take on roles all across the board.

Point is: The movie was stacked, and while some naysayers in the world are angry that a movie like Constantine happened and wasn’t “perfect” in their eyes, it means a lot to me. Because when I saw that library at USC, I made my entire goal throughout high school to go there for college. (I failed miserably at that goal, but still, my love for Constantine remains.)

So when news broke that a sequel was in the works, nearly two decades after the first film came out, it seemed like a dream come true for 13-year-old me. Because Keanu Reeves in anything is great, but Reeves returning to characters from franchises past? That’s my favorite. But the news came out that Constantine 2 was going to be coming our way, and then it has been … silent for the most part.

That’s not necessarily a bad sign, but given the fact that Keanu Reeves just went on a press tour for John Wick 4 and we didn’t hear anything about it then? That has struck a fearful chord to me. Because … after all this time, I cannot handle having hope for another adventure with John Constantine for nothing to then happen … So …

Is Constantine 2 still happening?

Well, I guess? The most we know about the movie is that, as of February of this year, it was still happening, according to a spokesperson for Warner Bros. And with all the shakeups that have happened under the new order over at Warner Bros., it isn’t surprising that people were worried that Constantine 2 would find the chopping block.

What I do need now, though, is any kind of update. Just a “Oh hey, script’s done” would suffice, or even a “we’re filming” if they’re feeling up to it. I just need to know that the movie is in fact happening because, as I said before, I’ve waited way too long for this to not work out for me.

(featured image: Warner Bros.)

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