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Reductress Is Bringing Their Brilliant, Scathing Brand of Feminist Satire to Television

Good news for fans of comedy and good things in general: Comedy Central will be teaming up with the satirical woman-centric site Reductress for a late-night talk show titled The Reductress Hour.

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“YEAH I’M FUCKING SURE”: Ilana Glazer Fired Sexual Harassers from Broad City

Ilana Glazer revealed that she fired two Broad City staffers for sexual harassment, because "getting sexually harassed seems to be a constant, but having the opportunity to do something about it is rare."

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Trevor Noah Responds to the Claim That He Can’t Comment on Gun Control Because He’s Not American

Trevor Noah was criticized by some who thought 'foreign-born' comedy hosts don't have a right to discuss American issues. Noah doesn't agree.

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Does Anyone Actually Want an Apolitical Talk Show Right Now?

T.J. Miller will host "The Gorburger Show," an apolitical talk show where he'll talk to guests "about being a human being" and "about being an American, but not with a political bent." Is that a thing anyone is still capable of doing?

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The Best Donald Trump Impression (Anthony Atamanuik’s) Is Getting Its Own TV Show on Comedy Central

We assume they're hoping for huge ratings.

Alec Baldwin has been handling the unfortunately necessary Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live to great success, but a lesser-known Trump impression is about to get its due. Anthony Atamanuik's Trump is incredible, and Comedy Central is bringing us more of it with the newly announced President Show.

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Abbi and Ilana Think You Look Great in Update on Broad City Season 4

Abbi Jacboson and Ilana Glazer want to you know that you look good and that they're still making Broad City.

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Larry Wilmore Was Pretty Much Blindsided by the Cancellation of The Nightly Show

Thursday night marks the final airing of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore after Comedy Central announced publicly on Monday that the show had been canceled.

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Jessica Williams Leaving Daily Show, Starting New Series About Young “Woke” Feminist

After four years at The Daily Show, Jessica Williams is graduating to her own series.

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Things We Saw Today: Meet Jake, Disneyland’s Newest Star Wars Cantina Bot

Meet Jake, a service droid who's been making appearances at the Star Wars Launch Bay in Disneyland.

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Things We Saw Today: The Glass Ceiling, A (Fake) Board Game for Girls

The commercial for a fake board game, made by Comedy Central, is a bit simplistic but it makes the point that it set out to do. That Privilege board game mentioned at the end sounds a lot easier.

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2015: The Year South Park Finally Got Old

If Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and South Park have always been better than almost anyone in the business at exactly one thing, it’s preventative self-defense. So it was with an ever-optimistic sense of “maybe they’re building to something I just don’t see yet” that I watched as the show’s most recent season play out with something feeling consistently … “off.” The characters, the creators (speaking through them), the philosophy, and the voice of the show suddenly sound so very old.

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Trevor Noah, Daily Show Host of Two Months, Now Very Experienced in Responding to Mass Shootings

Way to go, humanity.

Last night Trevor Noah had the difficult task of lampooning GOP responses to the San Bernadino shooting, the fourth mass shooting he's addressed on-air since his tenure at the Daily Show began just over two months ago.

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Chris Brown’s Controversial Daily Show Appearance Cancelled

Brown's scheduled visit had understandably "caused some controversy" among staff at the Comedy Central show.

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Key & Peele Perfectly Spoof Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos

You ever wonder if Neil deGrasse Tyson uses that massive intellect of his to get out of arguments by just confusing people?

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Take a Look at Trevor Noah’s First Ad for The Daily Show

"No one man should have all that power..."

I'm not saying it's perfect they used Kanye West's "POWER" for the ad. But I'm not not saying that.

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Best Rumor! Sony Reportedly Developing Female-Led 21 Jump Street Spin-off With Broad City Scribes


21 Jump Street is about to have a major pube situation.

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Jon Stewart Speaks Up on Trevor Noah: Let Him Earn Your Respect… or Not

One person's voice was noticeably absent from all the commotion last week over the new Daily Show host's Twitter activity: current Daily Show host/institution, Jon Stewart. The show came back from its break last night, and Stewart finally got the chance to address concern over Trevor Noah.

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The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Addresses Those Critical of His “Jokes That Didn’t Land”

That's an interesting way to put it. If anyone was looking for a retraction or an apology, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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[UPDATED] New Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Criticized for Misogynistic, Anti-Semitic, and Fat-Shaming Tweets

Head, meet Daily Show desk.

Welp, that was fast: following the announcement yesterday that Trevor Noah would be taking over The Daily Show for Jon Stewart, the South-African comedian quickly became the subject of controversy for his history of tweeting terribly offensive (not to mention un-funny) jokes.

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The Nightly Show Aired A Beautiful Take-Down Of Trolls Who Can’t Stand Diversity In Comics

Hip-hop artist Jean Grae, comedian Mike Lawrence, Angela: Asgard's Assassin artist Phil Jimenez, and Marvel’s director of content and character development Sana Amanat showed up on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show to talk about the pushback against comics' move toward inclusivity and racial and gender diversity.

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