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Be Your Own Gilmore Girl and Drink Too Much Coffee at Your Own Luke’s Diner Pop-Up

Drink so much coffee you start talking really, really quickly.

In celebration of the release of the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, cities in the U.S. and Canada are getting their very own Luke's Diner on October 5th.

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There’s a Kickstarter To Fund a Coffee and Tea-Brewing Alarm Clock

I'll take one, please.

Does the idea of waking up to the smell of freshly brewing coffee or tea sound overly appealing to you? Well, fortunately there's a company out there who wants to appeal to the idea of us all waking up a little more pleasantly--and they've got a Kickstarter to fund the goal.

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Things We Saw Today: Daredevil Opening Titles, 8-Bit Style

YouTube user doisDI Desenhando made this impressive 8-bit intro which recreates the opening titles of Daredevil. It's a perfect recreation, right down to the music.

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Giveaway: The Whole Charley Davidson Series—and a Keurig Coffee Maker!

In celebration of the release of Eighth Grave After Dark!

Eighth Grave After Dark, the latest installment in Darynda Jones' award-winning Charley Davidson series, is out on May 19th—and to celebrate, we're holding an awesome giveaway!

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How Do They Get the Caffeine out of Decaf Coffee Beans? Your Coffee Questions Answered

Still leaving the most important question: why?

While the rest of you were taking the day off, Mental Floss debuted a new video series today called The Big Question. In its first episode, Craig Benzine explains how decaf coffee is made despite the difficulty inherent with the caffeine being part of coffee beans. Sadly, he never answers the bigger question of why anyone would ever drink decaf.

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This Is Your Brain on Coffee: How Coffee Affects Your Brain and Body

I like my brain like I like my coffee: full of caffeine.

You know how coffee makes you feel. Depending on your necessary intake level, that's anywhere from "awake and alert" to "like a functioning adult human being." But what does the caffeine physically do to your brain and body to generate that feeling? This video from AsapSCIENCE will explain the science behind your brain fuel.

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Alarm Clock Wakes You Up By Brewing You Coffee

Why has it taken us so long to invent this?

You know how that old coffee jingle goes: "the best part of waking up is when your alarm clock puts Folgers in your cup." Wait, that's not how it goes? Someone should probably tell the guy who invented an alarm clock that actually does just that, then. He's probably gonna feel pretty silly.

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Keurig Is Planning to Make Coffee Machines That Only Work With Officially Licensed “Pods”

I take my coffee black and DRM-free, please.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters are not content to have a single-serving Keurig coffee machine in every home and office building; they want dibs on those little pods you use to make the coffee, too. So like the movie industry and music industry before them, they've decided to shut out the competition with the cunning use of DRM-locks.

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Science Shows Us How To Make The Most Out Of Our Coffee

And no, it's not by injecting it directly into our veins

If you suspect that your regular morning coffee is no longer giving you the same potent jolt it once did, you could be right--or maybe you're just sleep deprived and delirious. Turns out knowing when to drink coffee so that you can maximize its energy-giving potential is a delicate scientific matter, and beanheads everywhere are doing it all wrong.

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So Apparently You Can Get Coffee To Run Out Of Your Household Taps [VIDEO]

Because who wouldn't want to bathe in hot coffee on demand?

Okay, so it's probably easier to use your one-cup coffee maker - but wouldn't it be way cooler if you could run hot coffee out of your taps? These two fellows from the Norwegian show Ikke gjør dette hjemme ("Do Not Do This At Home") set their house up to do just that, and it seems pretty instantly delicious.

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“Dumb Starbucks” Is the Most Aptly Named Coffee Shop Ever

At least they're honest.

Strange things were afoot in L.A. this weekend as a "Dumb Starbucks" opened in the city's Los Feliz neighborhood. No, I don't have anything against Starbucks; this coffee shop is really called Dumb Starbucks. It's not clear whether it's a work of parody or a real coffee shop's marketing ploy, but neither will sit well with Starbucks.

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Bottoms Up! Study Shows Your Morning Coffee May Boost Your Memory

That's pretty good in addition to boosting our ability to behave like normal humans.

In a recent study published in Nature Neuroscience, researchers found that participants who consumed the amount of caffeine equivalent to two shots of espresso formed better long-term memories than those who consumed more or none at all. So just hit that two-espresso sweet spot, and you can pass off your coffee addiction as a memory supplement.

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Improv Everywhere Brings Spartacus to Real Life, He Just Wants Some Coffee [Video]

Fighting in a resistance against Roman armies will make a man thirsty.

Improv Everywhere continues Movies in Real Life, which is exactly what it sounds like, by bringing Spartacus into the real world. Unlike the Spartacus who fought Roman armies, this guy is just trying to order a coffee, but that doesn't stop his loyal friends from coming to his aide. Time to switch to decaf, guys.

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Study Shows Drinking Coffee Regularly Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Please know how hard we looked for a pic of Wilford Brimley drinking coffee.

Did you need another reason to love coffee? Of course not, but now you have one. A study shows that drinking coffee can help prevent diabetes. Before you go thinking that the more coffee you drink the less diabetes you'll get, know that the study specifically indicates that it's a moderate amount of coffee that provides the most benefit.

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Starbucks Introduces System That Lets You Tweet a Coffee to a Friend in Need of Coffee

You can find us on Twitter @geekosystem. Just throwing that out there.

Let's say you have a friend on the other side of the country, and you notice from their Twitter feed they've hit a mid-afternoon slump and could use a pick-me-up. Too bad there's no way to send them a coffee through the Internet -- except now there is. Starbucks will let you send friends coffee through Twitter with Tweet-a-Coffee. The future!

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Robot Barista Makes Custom Coffee Using the Cloud

Today: Making elitist, wannabe artiste-slash-baristas obsolete. Tomorrow, removing ALL the human interactions.

The Briggo robot makes coffee via app. You specifying how you want the milk steamed, any flavor shots (for people who are too silly to appreciate the taste of coffee alone), and kind of sweetener. Then it tells you the exact pickup time. Something that automatically figures out my coffee while I'm still half-asleep? Um, yes please!

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Figure Out How Much Caffeine Is In Your Drink With the New Caffeine Orange

Like Flash Rosenberg said, we have thumbs so we can make coffee.

While some mornings are made for enjoying a cappuccino or some soy-chai-misto-thing, others are a mad rush to jumpstart your body as quickly as possible. In honor of those mornings, here's an awesome new device: Caffeine Orange. It tells you how much caffeine is in your drink -- so you can figure out how much you need in order to feel human.

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Caffeine-Junkie Bacteria Discovered, Could Help Clean Up Water Pollution, Decaffeinate Drinks

Fun fact: As much as I love to cook, and it's a lot, I would trade all food in a second if I could live by just drinking coffee, which is what I functionally do most days anyway. Now, researchers have used a breed of bacteria that lives that dream and is able to subsist on caffeine alone and unlocked the genetic mechanism that lets the microbes pull off that impressive feat. They've even  managed to transplant it into other organisms, which could one day lead to bacteria that can clean up caffeine that pollutes water supplies and even decaffeinates coffee for us. That is a wrong thing to do to coffee, of course, but it's still might impressive.

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Bikini Coffee Stand Owner Arrested After 16-Year-Old Employee Puts on Sex Show for Undercover Cops

The owners of several drive-through bikini coffee stands in Washington State have been arrested on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor after baristas at the stands -- including one 16-year-old-girl -- were found giving "sexy shows" to patrons for tips. Unfortunately for Bill Dwayne Wheeler Jr. and his as yet unnamed partner, undercover police were among those getting the goods, which reportedly included glimpses of the girls "private areas." And while serving coffee while wearing a bikini may be legal in Washington, serving it wearing pretty much anything less than that is definitely not. It's a thin line, yes, but an important one.

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Starbucks Wants to Sell You a $1 Reusable Cup for Your Morning Coffee

Coffee leviathan Starbucks wants you to kick your morning habit -- no, not your coffee. God, they're not monsters. They just want to see you ditch the disposal cups that so many of us use and then toss into a garbage can -- or, yes, at a particularly annoying co-worker before our second cup. The retailer is banking that they can get more customers using reusable tumblers for their morning joe by crashing the price point, introducing a new reusable coffee cup in their stores in North America that will cost just one dollar.

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