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Alarm Clock Wakes You Up By Brewing You Coffee

Why has it taken us so long to invent this?


You know how that old coffee jingle goes: “the best part of waking up is when your alarm clock puts Folgers in your cup.” Wait, that’s not how it goes? Someone should probably tell the guy who invented an alarm clock that actually does just that, then. He’s probably gonna feel pretty silly.

Called “The Barisieur,” this nifty contraption was created by industrial designer Josh Renouf and first unveiled to the world at New Designers 2014. The base is a standard digital alarm clock, but the top of the piece has a chemistry lab-style setup that blows hot water out of the beaker through induction heating and over ground coffee in a stainless steel filter, until it finally drops out into a glass mug on the other side. There’s also a little container in the middle of the tray that holds cream and a drawer for sugar, and the designer hopes that setting up the machine for each morning would become a nightly ritual of sorts. Sure, I guess calling an extra chore a “ritual” is a good way to keep someone from getting annoyed about it.

But how does it wake you up, you ask? The ball bearings in the beaker gently clink together, which is supposed to be less traumatic than your average loud beeping alarm and, combined with the smell of coffee, awaken several of your senses at once in a non-obtrusive way. That sounds lovely. I’d probably still need to supplement it with my usual carhorn, but hey, I would never say no to coffee!

(via psfk, images via Josh Renouf)

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