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Nobody Seems to Like Guy Ritchie’s “Vulgar” King Arthur Movie

Hello and welcome to a round-up of reviews for Guy Ritchie's take on our favorite Round Tablers, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. I've read dozens of reviews so you don't have to! Ahead, Charlie Hunnam is hunky, Jude Law (literally?) chews the scenery, and Guy Ritchie should probably calm down a fair bit.

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Charlie Hunnam Joins the Long List of Actors Who Are Awful to Women in the Name of Method Acting

Maybe just try being a better actor?

Once upon a time, "Method Acting" was a technique by which actors tapped into their actual life experiences and used their well-developed imaginations to recreate genuine emotions onstage. Now, it's pretty much only applied to actors who don't know how to do their jobs without ostentatious suffering or making others suffer.

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Interview: Guillermo del Toro on the Future of Pacific Rim 2, His Dream to Make a Noir, and Why He Flipped the Gender Script for Crimson Peak

In which I am a nervous goober, and he is a delight.

One of the most resonant things Guillermo del Toro said during his interview with The Mary Sue is "these decisions have a weight." He was speaking specifically about the decision to give Tom Hiddleston the only significant moment of nudity in Crimson Peak, but also generally about making art that ignores conventional gender roles.

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Charlie Hunnam Didn’t Like Being Upstaged by Robots in Pacific Rim

Too many robots in this "robots punching monsters" movie!

Charlie Hunnam is a huge fan of the original Pacific Rim, but that doesn't mean there aren't improvements he hopes will be made when the sequel starts shooting in Toronto this November.

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Charlie Hunnam Smolders With Excalibur in King Arthur Glamour Shots

"Oh Excalibur, you're so FUNNY"

Entertainment Weekly just released some photos of Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur in Guy Ritchie's reboot of King Arthur. Just look at that gentle, longing stare from the medieval king! He has scars, but he's got a soft side.

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Allow Tom Hiddleston to Stare into Your Very Soul in the New Crimson Peak Character Posters


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The New Crimson Peak Trailer May Make You Wee in Your Pants

Fair warning.

We already had a feeling the Guillermo del Toro directed film, starring Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam, and Jim Beaver, would be scary but this kicks it up a notch.

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The First Image from Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak Has Jessica Chastain in Pure Gothic Romance Fashion

You know, Guillermo del Toro is so well known for working on billions of projects concurrently that I almost forgot about Crimson Peak.

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Charlie Hunnam Might Join Idris Elba in WB’s King Arthur Series, Giving Us the Weirdest Pacific Rim Prequel Ever

Well, Raleigh Becket is a prince among men.

Also rumored to be joining the cast is Elisabeth Olsen, whom I like, but can we get Rinko Kikuchi in there too, please? And Burn Gorman and Charlie Day. Tell me they shouldn't voice the red and white dragons. Say it to my face.

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Charlie Hunnam Sees the Light, Quits Fifty Shades of Grey

Good News Everyone!

My headcanon is that Ron Perlman talked him out of it, and you can't convince me otherwise.

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Fifty Shades of Grey Casts Its Christian & Anastasia

And So It Begins

The long wait is over, Universal/Focus Features now has its leads for their Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation - Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson.

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Pacific Rim Is Not Your Average Action Juggernaut


The dismal state of this summer’s blockbusters is multidimensional: not only did big-budget films generally perform poorly, but they also were conceptually and emotionally hollow. The Lone Ranger didn’t seem to understand why Johnny Depp in redface could possibly be a bad thing, and the failure of the Smith-Smith-fronted After Earth to draw in crowds boggled the minds of film studios everywhere. When the promising prospect of Elysium turned out to be a moralistic bull in a china shop, the summer sci-fi set seemed doomed.

Is there anything to salvage from this black hole of summer cinema? I think there is: Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, which stands out from the crowd of half-baked action/sci-fi juggernauts for one reason: it knows what it is. It knows that it's a visually-amazing action flick-- but what's even more interesting is that it knows how to subvert pieces of the genre other films blindly pay homage to. In particular, Pacific Rim has a way of smashing gender-based action movie tropes like they're Kaiju skulls.

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At Pacific Rim’s Giant Mechanical Core, a Human Heart


To make effective monsters, you need someone who knows monsters. Guillermo del Toro, best known as the director of the Hellboy movies, and Pan’s Labyrinth, is a man well versed in genre flicks and the many pitfalls one tends to run into there. So it is by this knowledge, and not a little fan appreciation for those genres, that his latest film, Pacific Rim, is pulled off with nary a hitch. This giant robot-and-monsters clash of titans is much more than the sum of its mechanical parts, offering up a feast of worldbuilding details alongside a thrilling piece of action-adventure storytelling. More than that, Pacific Rim knows what kind of film it is, and sticks to tone with a consistency that could teach the lumbering beasts around it a thing or two. Mild spoilers abound, none kaiju-sized.

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New Pacific Rim Featurette Tells Us About The Characters Behind the Mecha

Almost Totally Excellent

Watch Guillermo del Toro talk about how he grounded and humanized his kaiju v.s. mecha movie, and learn more about the characters played by Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, and Charlie Hunnam in this new featurette for Pacific Rim. After all, if anyone can give heart to two of the most over-the-top types of sci-fi films, it's Guillermo del Toro. In case you thought you were just imagining things, that is in fact GLaDOS at about 1:20. (via Collider) Previously in Pacific Rim

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Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak Just Got Itself a Chastain, a Cumberbatch, a Stone, and a Hunnam


One of the approximately half-a-dozen or so Guillermo del Toro projects I'm looking forward to (he's a busy dude) is Crimson Peak, the director's subversion of the gothic romance genre (with ghosts!). If that basic idea isn't enough to grab you, del Toro's gone and booked some really good actors: Jessica Chastain, Benedict Cumberbatch, Emma Stone, and Charlie Hunnam.

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Guillermo del Toro On Writing Pacific Rim 2 and Haunted House Gothic Romance Crimson Peak. Are We Sure There Aren’t Two of Him?


Seriously. Pacific Rim is still in post-production. There being multiple Guillermo del Toros has got to be the only way he can do this many things at once, right? In an interview with Total Film the busier-than-you filmmaker talked about Pacific Rim 2, which he's currently writing (of course he is; this is Guillermo "Do ALL the movies!" del Toro we're talking about) and shared some details on Crimson Peak, his first post-PR project.

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New Pacific Rim Images Make Cancelling the Apocalypse Look Like a Good Idea

Assuming Direct Control

...good thing Idris Elba's on that. I'm getting real sick of winter, guys. There are no good holidays left (Valentine's Day doesn't count) and it doesn't seem like it'll ever get warm. Also we have five more months to wait until Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim comes out. Can I just cryogenically freeze myself and wake up when the summer movies get here? No? Dang. I guess these new pictures (Mecha! Panicking civilians! Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi!) will have to tide me over.

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