Oliver Queen in the Green Arrow comics with his bow and arrow

Hopes of Your Favorite Green Arrow Fan Casting Are Gone Forever

Fan casting is one of our great joys online. We love to think of actors who could bring to life characters we love, and when it comes to superheroes, we tend to have our dream picks for them. One of those characters we have picked out is Oliver Queen, a.k.a. the Green Arrow.

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The hero from Star City, known for his archery skill, rocks an all-green look that is complete with gloves, a hood, and fun little eye coverings to keep his identity a secret. One of the fan casts that people loved for him was Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire actor Charlie Hunnam. Since he is working with director Zack Snyder for Rebel Moon, he was asked by ComicBook.com if he ever talked with Snyder about taking on Oliver Queen in the “Snyderverse” of DC movies. Surprisingly so, Hunnam did talk with someone about the Green Arrow role, but his take on the character wasn’t exactly what fans might have wanted.

“I never talked to [Snyder] about it,” Hunnam said but went on to say that he did have a conversation with someone about it. “Honestly, I don’t remember who. Yeah, it was some people in suits brought the idea to me and thought it would be terribly exciting for me to play Green Arrow, but I did not share their enthusiasm … I don’t know who Green Arrow is, so I don’t wanna offend anyone. I looked at one picture and I was like, ‘I’m not sure green’s my color and I’m pretty sure spandex isn’t my material.’ Beyond that, I was like ‘one image, thanks, not interested.”

Spandex just isn’t for him, guys. Sorry—even if he’d do a great job as Oliver.

Sometimes our fan casts are not meant to be

The joy of a fan cast is that we can see the vision, but sometimes, the actor in question doesn’t want to take that on, and that’s more than okay. Hunnam has taken on the bigger action roles in the past, starring in films like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and The Gentlemen, but taking on the role of a superhero is an entirely different kind of commitment.

It’s okay that Hunnam doesn’t seem to be into the idea of Oliver Queen; there are others who would also do great in the role because Hunnam is going to do a great job at other roles and movies. For now, we can still mourn the hopes we had at seeing him take on Star City as the Green Arrow.

(featured image: DC Comics)

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