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Kathy Bates Was Told to Downplay Her Cancer “Because of the Stigma in Hollywood,” As If Survival Isn’t Badass

Kathy Bates was already one of the best and most consistently-working actresses in Hollywood in the 1990s. The fact that her pace and popularity has remained consistent across film and television through the present is a testament to her talent and to the way fans embrace her for it. So why, then, would those closest to her recommend that she not talk about her bouts with cancer to protect her career?

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Cosmopolitan’s Newest Weight Loss Trick? Cancer. Yes, Really

Cosmopolitan published an article about a woman's struggles with medical issues framed as a weight-loss guide.

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Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Jr. Team Up to Visit Marvel Fan Fighting Cancer


Gwyneth Paltrow revealed yesterday that she, Chris Evans, and her "better work half" Robert Downey Jr. made it out to San Diego for a visit with 18-year-old Marvel fan Ryan Wilcox.

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Study Shows HPV Vaccine Reduced Prevalence Significantly, so Why Aren’t More Vaccinated?

A recent study about the prevalence of Human Papillomavirus, or HPV in the United Stated showed that the prevalence of the STD declined significantly after the introduction of the vaccine.

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That Dragon, Survival: The Healing Power of a Video Game About Cancer

Ten complicated, long years pass. I’ve moved out to college, and one day, I happen to hear about this game called That Dragon, Cancer, a game about two parents just trying to make a baby happy in a situation that would make anyone convulse in despair and frustration. Yeah, sure, I was intrigued, but I hadn’t truly expected it to speak to my personal experience on a core-shaking, visceral level.

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Ryan Reynolds Posts New Deadpool PSAs to Promote Cancer Awareness

This is definitely a new twist on how to market your comic book superhero film.

Reynolds posted a pair of PSAs to his Twitter account over the last couple of days, both of which outline the necessity of self-exams to check for any suspicious or out-of-place lumps or bumps. In typical Deadpool fashion, they combine that R-rated humor with the reminder that self-exams are important--and really aren't that tricky to perform at the end of the day.

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Ringling Bros. Elephants to Be Retired Early, May Help in Cancer Research

The use and treatment of the elephants used as part of Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus have long been controversial. Now, it seems that controversy, and the legislation it has inspired nationwide, has made it harder for the circus to travel with animals. Ringling Bros. will now be retiring their elephant acts even earlier than planned.

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Magic Yarn Project Melts Hearts by Crocheting Disney Wigs for Pediatric Cancer Patients

I know we're all on Disney princess fatigue right now, Internet, but just look at these happy faces. This is too wonderful a thing not to show everyone, and you can help!

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American Cancer Society Releases New Mammogram Guidelines

The American Cancer Society has released new guidelines to update their guidelines from 2003 which suggested women get a mammogram every year after they turn 40 and have regular breast exams.

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Things We Saw Today: Mad Max: Fury Road as a 1990s Video Game

8-Bit Furiosa

Cinefix imagines a world in which we all grew up with Mad Max: Fury Road and the inevitable arcade game it would've had in the 1990s. Check out what that that might have looked like in the video above!

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Things We Saw Today: Jar Jar Binks Travels to Improve Earth-Naboo Relations in My Gungan Travels

Jar Jar: International Binks of Mystery

Jar Jar Binks takes relations between Earth and Naboo very seriously.

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Bob’s Burgers’, Wendy Molyneux, Tortures Self By Seeing Entourage – MULTIPLE TIMES – to Help Fight Cancer

Thankfully, THIS writer only had to see it once.

Back in May, we told you about Bob's Burgers writer (and possibly a writer on the female-led 21 Jump Street?) going to hate-watch the Entourage movie for charity. Well, her GoFundMe page was so hilarious, and the entire concept so inspired that I couldn't help but give! I ended up giving at the level that would allow me to accompany Molyneux to see the film with fellow donors. I caught her on viewing Number Three.

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Sir John Hurt Announces Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

The BBC is reporting 75-year-old Sir John Hurt, actor of stage and screen, has pancreatic cancer.

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Bob’s Burgers Writer Wendy Molyneux Drake To Hate-Watch Entourage For Charity

Some people will do ANYTHING to fight cancer!

The Simpsons writer, Matt Selman, alerted us to an awesome, if slightly unusual, GoFundMe page today, via his Twitter account. That of Bob's Burgers writer, Wendy Molyneux Drake, who really, really, really doesn't want to see the film Entourage.

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DCTV Podcasts Team Up To Fight Cancer In Superpowered Marathon This Weekend

You don't have to be super-powered to do some good in the world.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a co-host of a fan podcast called Supergirl Radio, which is educating the world about Kara Zor-El in anticipation of the upcoming Supergirl series on CBS! Even cooler is that Supergirl Radio is part of a DC TV Podcasts family that includes Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast, The Flash Podcast, and Legends of Gotham. Usually, we just team up to talk superhero television. Now, we're teaming up for a much more important cause: to fight cancer.

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Basketball Player, Fundraiser, and Cancer Awareness Supporter Lauren Hill Passes Away at 19

19-year-old Lauren Hill, who became the subject of national admiration last year for pursuing her dream of playing college basketball despite being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor shortly after her 18th birthday, passed away around midnight last night.

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Tampons Could Be Useful In The Detection Of Endometrial Cancer

Menstruation may still be largely hidden away from the public despite its massive prevalence in the lives of so many people with uteri, but tampons could be receiving their call to action.

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3-Year-Old Lassoes Our Hearts, Dresses as Wonder Woman to Celebrate Last Day of Chemo

Ah, a Wonder Woman/Onion Ninjas crossover.

Last May three-year-old Sophia Sandoval was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, for which she underwent surgery to remove the tumor and several months of chemotherapy before returning home recently with her family.

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Google Is Now Making Human Skin; at Least That Means They Won’t Take Yours

For rad Google Doodle tattoos?

Google has begun manufacturing human skin for research at its Life Sciences facility, and it actually has nothing to do with designing disguises for the cyborgs that walk among us.

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This Robot Can Help Kids Through Chemo, Vaccinations & Other Scary Medical Procedures

Robots are helping us do a lot these days but as an adult who had far too many needle experiences in her childhood, I'm certainly wishing this one was invented sooner. Say hello to MEDi.

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