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Things We Saw Today: Fiona the Hippo Reunites With Both Her Parents

“Fiona has been exploring the outdoor habitat with her mom for several weeks and has had contact with Henry inside, but today was the first time that the three hippos have been together.  Bibi was protective of Fiona and gave Henry cues about how to interact appropriately with the little one.”

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Things We Saw Today: Paint Some Happy Little Trees With a Bob Ross Funko

A new Bob Ross Funko is coming this August.

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Monday Cute: “Dog Ross” Is Here to Paint His Way Into Your Heart


Bob Ross was the big-haired, ever-calm creator and host of The Joy of Painting, a soothing instructional TV show that ran on PBS from 1983-1994. In recent years Ross and his show surged to Internet meme fame, and it was only a matter of time before the most adorable homage ever was created. Meet Crusoe the dachshund, who is here to teach you about painting squirrels.

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You Can Stream Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting Every Week on

Go on, then. Get your fix of happy little trees, why don't you?

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Not Even Bob Ross Livestream Safe From Rape Jokes and Grossness

She was painting a beautiful scene, talking incredibly kindly and peacefully... and that's when the jokes and awful comments came out of the woodworks.

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Things We Saw Today: Rare Map of Middle-Earth With Tolkien’s Annotations

An annotated map of Middle-earth was recently found with Tolkien and illustrator Pauline Baynes' notes, revealing influences and inspirations for the land.

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These 8-Bit-Inspired Paintings of Famous Works of Art and Pop Culture Icons Are Anything But Square


Adam Lister's 8-bit-inspired repaintings of famous works of art and pop culture icons will satisfy both your highbrow and lowbrow tendencies.

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Watch Bob Ross Give a Happy Little Beat Down to Picasso in This Epic Rap Battle of History

Happy little rap battle.

It's been a while since an Epic Rap Battle of History caught our attention, but they're back in a big way with Bob Ross vs. Picasso. They come hard at each other with just about everything you learned in your Introduction to Art History class, and the results are hilarious. We're giving this one to Bob. What do you think?

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Earth’s Mightiest Broadcasters Team Up for This PBS: The Movie Avengers Parody [Video]

We've shown you some of the videos by Gritty Reboots before, but PBS: TheMovie stands out for a few reasons. The first being that we love us some PBS, but it also stands out because we can't imagine something we'd want to watch more than a movie where Fred Rogers, Carl Sagan, Bob Ross, and Bill Nye team up to kick some ass.

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Bob Ross Remixed: Happy Little Clouds [Video]

PBS Digital Studios and John D. Boswell -- or melodysheep -- of Symphony of Science have released their newest collaboration: Bob Ross Remixed | Happy Little Clouds. In the gloriously remixed video composed of clips from The Joy of Painting, Bob Ross sings to us about painting both happy little clouds and trees. It's a lovely tribute to the creative impact Mr. Ross had on so many over a relatively short period of time. Remember, there are no limits here.

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