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Anita Sarkeesian Is Animated On The Cover Of Bloomberg As A “Video Game Avenger”

Blastin' through tropes like the Kool-Aid Man.

Ok, but what class of Social Justice Warrior is Video Game Avenger? Is that higher or lower than Feminist Mage? Plz advise.

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Rumor: Apple Could Have a Cheaper iPhone in the Works

The Apple iPhones, since its launch, have been at the high end of the smartphone price range. Anyone hoping for a break in price has been relegated to buying previous versions, but there's a rumor going around that says that won't be the case for much longer. Apple may be releasing a cheaper version of the iPhone concurrently with the flagship model, similar to how they recently launched the iPad mini as a more affordable alternative to the full-sized version. This is just a rumor, and considering it's CES week, we'll probably be seeing a lot more of those.

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Sony Recalls Some Bravia TVs For Being Too Likely To Burst Into Flames

According to Bloomberg, Sony has issued a voluntary recall for about 1.6 million flatscreen televisions in the Bravia line because of a slight defect that makes them somewhat more likely to melt or catch fire than your average TV, but just slightly. Apparently, the recall was sparked by an incident in September when a Japanese owner discovered his Sony flatscreen started a small fire. Eleven such incidents have occurred in Japan since 2008. So far, no one has been hurt. The blame supposedly lies on a faulty backlighting component that can overheat and melt the top of the affected models. This isn't the first time that Sony has had to recall things for overheating. In hopes of remedying the situation, Sony is sending out inspectors to check out the TVs and replace the part if need be. If a replacement part is needed, Sony will offer TV rental during the repair, but they won't offer any replacement TVs or refunds.

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Reports Say Microsoft is Looking To Get TV Content on the Xbox 360

Word on the street is that Microsoft is in talks with various content companies, Comcast, and Verizon about getting some TV content for its Xbox Live service. The initial report comes from Bloomberg, which reports that an Xbox Live streaming content service might be announced as early as next week, according to someone who is not authorized to speak publicly on the topic. According to another report by Digiday, Microsoft is also working on an agreement with Comcast whereby Xbox Live users can sign up (and pay) for Comcast content that can be streamed through the system itself. As for now, Xbox Live users can get streaming content through Netflix or purchase movie and show rentals through the Zune Store. It makes sense though, that Xbox would want to broker some streaming deals of its own so it can get a little closer to the real action (and the real money).

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Report: Hulu Coming to PlayStation “as Soon as Next Week”

Speculation about Hulu coming to the PlayStation Network isn't exactly a new phenomenon, but a recent report stands apart from the pack both because of the profile of the publication from which it's coming and the confidence with which it presents a timeline: According to Bloomberg, Sony and Hulu LLC are in negotiations to partner on a deal that would bring Hulu to PSN as soon as next week.

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Flashback From 1998: When Altavista, Lycos, And Blue Mountain Arts Ruled the Web

Media Metrix, December 1998(Before we dig too far into this, you may want to visit the 56k Modem Emulator, to establish the proper sonic mood. Ah, that beloved squeal.) A colleague (who is handsome and wise) recently discovered an old Media Metrix report delineating "World Wide Web Audience Ratings" for December 1998. It's a remarkable study, categorizing thousands of sites and conglomerated web companies. This thing is like finding election results from 1880; like coming across the original Billboard music chart. It looks familiar, like you should know all of the component elements, but it's unrecognizable. As though they're all brands made up for movies. The Rankings Home and Work, Combined We'll start where the report starts - at those sites most popular when combining home and work visits. (Please see above diagram for clarification.) Before I list them, I want you to try and think up what the top fifty websites were in 1998. Got it? Yeah, you're wrong:

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