Report: Hulu Coming to PlayStation “as Soon as Next Week”

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Speculation about Hulu coming to the PlayStation Network isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but a recent report stands apart from the pack both because of the profile of the publication from which it’s coming and the confidence with which it presents a timeline: According to Bloomberg, Sony and Hulu LLC are in negotiations to partner on a deal that would bring Hulu to PSN as soon as next week.

According to the report, PlayStation 3 owners who subscribe to the PlayStation Network web service (which is free), “would be able to subscribe to a Hulu service that provides on-demand access to current and past seasons of prime-time TV shows from NBC, Fox and ABC.”

It’s unclear from the report whether the service would be totally free, a component of an XBox Gold-like premium PlayStation Network service (PSN+), or would come for a monthly subscription or a la carte.

(Bloomberg via Joystiq)

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