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Review: Bitch Planet #10–We Are Woman Enough to Survive

Bitch Planet is a book that, from the first issue, felt bigger than what was printed on its pages.

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Things We Saw Today: Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Pharrell Freak Out As David Blaine Performs His Ice Pick Trick

This might be really wrong of me, but there's nothing more fun than watching seemingly together, serious, grown-ass adults completely freak out like babies.

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Pull Wisely: Bitch Planet, Gwenpool, Power Up!, and More!

Hey, folks! Here's a brand new installment of Pull Wisely, your go-to source for what to grab on New Comic Book Day.

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Pull Wisely: Lumberjanes #23, Archie #6, Bitch Planet #7, and More!

Howdy, folks, and welcome to another installment of Pull Wisely! This week we're featuring picks from TMS' own Teresa Jusino and yours truly, Jessica Lachenal. The inimitable Maddy Myers will be back next week for the next edition.

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Pull Wisely Classic: Bitch Planet #6, Paper Girls #4, Giant Days #10 and More!

It's the good old classic tried-and-true Pull Wisely formula. A good old list of ten comics you should be reading, plus our reasons as to why you should be reading them. No fuss, no muss.

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The Best of Pull Wisely 2015: The TMS Staff Picks Their Fave Comics of the Year

2015 has been a pretty amazing year in comics.

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The Mary Sue Holiday 2015 Gift Guide, Part 3: Geek Chic!

Shopping managed.

Help your friends and family wear their geeky passions on their sleeve! Below, we've highlighted all the jewelry, makeup, and clothing you need for the sweetest Christmas ever.

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Kelly Sue DeConnick On Captain Marvel, Political Comics, and Angry Feminism

Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer on Captain Marvel, Bitch Planet, and Pretty Deadly, has been making the rounds today discussing how the comics industry has changed for the better.

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All-New All-Different Pull Wisely: Assassin’s Creed #1

Is there enough Charlotte de la Vega?

Welcome to the new Pull Wisely, TMS’ new video comic review series! Join the illustrious Jessica Lachenal and me as we go in-depth into a new comic. We’ll be offering reviews, critiques, and all sorts of thinks and feels about a brand new issue every single week… when we’re not making silly jokes and puns about it. You know how things go around here at The Mary Sue.

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Things We Saw Today: New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Characters Revealed Through Toy Release

It makes sense that there'd be some stores accidentally breaking street date on Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise. With those broken street dates comes information about The Force Awakens, like our two unknown characters here in this photo.

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These Bitch Planet Leggings Don’t Comply to Sizeist Rules

Want to wear your Bitch Planet love proudly and already got a Non-Compliant tattoo? Kelly Sue DeConnick and Bombsheller are going out on a limb (or is it two?) for you.

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Why Bitch Planet Is Inspiring Women to Get Badass Feminist Tattoos

Bitch Planet, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro’s feminist, sci-fi twist on the prison exploitation genre, is only four issues in, but it’s already inspired a legion of women to permanently brand themselves Non-Compliant. The letters "NC"—in De Landro's recognizable design—are tattooed onto the inmates of Bitch Planet, an interstellar prison for women who have been deemed Non-Compliant by the very literal patriarchy that runs the Earth.

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Giveaway: Espionage Cosmetics’ Bitch Planet And Sex Criminals Nail Wraps

Get some DeConnick/Fraction all over your hands.

Espionage Cosmetics just released their latest comic collaboration with Bitch Planet and Sex Criminals - and you could win a full set of their new nail wraps!

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Espionage Cosmetics Teams up with Bitch Planet and Sex Criminals for Amazing New Nail Art

“This isn’t about beauty. It’s about self-expression.”

We love the DeConnick/Fraction household something fierce here at TMS - just about as much as we love the fine folks at nerdy make-up line Espionage Cosmetics. So we are beyond stoked to announce that Espionage is teaming up with our favorite comic writers to bring you new Bitch Planet and Sex Criminals official nail wraps!

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Buzzfeed Looks at 21 #NonCompliant Members of the Comics Community

What we talk about when we talk about NC.

This year's ECCC featured a Being Non-Compliant panel with Kelly Sue DeConnick, Noelle Stevenson, Kate Leth, Erika Moen and Spike Trotman, but the bad-assery didn't end there--Buzzfeed's Kirk Damato took to the floor to talk to creators, professionals, and fans about what being non-compliant means to them.

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ECCC’s “Being Non-Compliant” Panel Brought The Bad-Ass Women Of The Comics Internet Together, And It Was Beautiful

Don't tell me to smile.

It's safe to say I've never felt more at home during a con than I did at Emerald City Comicon's "Being Non-Compliant" panel. I alternated between laughing so hard my sides hurt, to crying real, actual tears, and I did it all while listening to a line-up of bad-ass women in comics who are making the world a better place for all of us. Rock on.

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Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction Will Adapt Sex Criminals And Other Comics for TV


According to an exclusive from Deadline, everybody's favorite comic-book writing couple is making the jump to television thanks to a new deal with Universal TV.

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Pull It Together: Bitch Planet Backstory, Ms. Marvel Valentines Special, and the End of She-Hulk

We've got issues. Lots of issues.

Welcome to Pull It Together, where the goal is to narrow the massive field of comic book titles to the ones you shouldn’t overlook. It isn’t about what’s on my pull list; it’s about what could be on yours!

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Pull It Together: Thor vs. Thor, Bitch Planet, Adventure Time and More!

We've got issues. Lots of issues.

Y'think that after their fight they might both be... a little thor?

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Things We Saw: Somebody Made a Live Action Fan-Trailer For Bitch Planet

Non-compliance is not recommended.

Daaang if Amalgam Studios didn't capture the vibe of Kelly Sue DeConnick's Bitch Planet perfectly with just one pink lady in a nun costume. Way to go, team.

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