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Pull Wisely Classic: Bitch Planet #6, Paper Girls #4, Giant Days #10 and More!


bitch planet 6
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What’s up, folks? It’s a brand new year, and as such, we’re featuring a brand-new-but-not-really-brand-new Pull Wisely! It’s the good old classic tried-and-true Pull Wisely formula. A good old list of ten comics you should be reading, plus our reasons as to why you should be reading them. No fuss, no muss. You ready? Cause I’m ready.

In no particular order, and from our three Pull Wisely editors, Teresa, Maddy, and yours truly, we’re proud to bring you:

Pull Wisely for the Week of January 6th, 2015

Bitch Planet #6 (cover above)
words: Kelly Sue DeConnick
art: Taki Soma
publisher: Image Comics

Bitch Planet is BACK! This new story arc gives us backstory about the ever-tough (and spoiler: ) Meiko Maki. Relish this opportunity to get to know this amazing character better.

paper girls 4
(image via Image)

Paper Girls #4
words: Brian K. Vaughan
art: Cliff Chiang
publisher: Image Comics

Are teenagers aliens? Robots? Alien robots? Find out what the fuck is going on (or more likely, tune in for even more WTFs!) in the latest issue of this wonderful, female-centric comic!

weirdworld 2
(image via Marvel)

Weirdworld #2
words: Sam Humphries
art: Mike Del Mundo
publisher: Marvel

Now that you’ve met Becca and Goleta and know Becca’s tragic backstory from issue one, continue along with them on their quest to get Becca home, and kill some mother-effing wizards!

giant days 10
(image via CBR)

Giant Days #10
words: John Allison
art: Max Sarin
publisher: BOOM! Studios

An old friend from Esther’s past comes calling, and has a bouncing little surprise coming with her. How’re the girls supposed to handle a baby and a party girl?

mystery girl 2

Mystery Girl #2
words: Paul Tobin
art: Alberto J. Albequerque
publisher: Dark Horse

In case you missed it, Maddy spotlight reviewed Mystery Girl #1 a while back. Put simply: the book is about an amnesiac detective/psychic named Trine who knows everything about anyone from the moment she meets them. It’s got a bunch of great female characters, and an intriguing enough storyline, so give it a shot!

dc bombshells 8
(image via PREVIEWSworld)

DC Comics Bombshells #8
words: Marguerite Bennett
art: Maria Laura Sanapo, Laura Braga
publisher: DC Comics

The Bombshells series has been really killing it lately, and this issue promises to be no exception. This issue features Supergirl and Stargirl joining up with the Bombshells program, and has Wonder Woman joining the fight. Things are getting real.

darth vader vol 2
(image via Marvel)

Darth Vader Vol. 2
words: Kieron Gillen
art: Salvador Larroca
publisher: Marvel

This compilation of Marvel’s Darth Vader collects issues 7-12 and is your best shot at keeping that Star Wars momentum going. Definitely pick this up if you’re interested in checking out what evil protocol droid and astromech unit look like. Spoilers: it’s the eyes. It’s always the eyes.

color your own deadpool
(image via Nerdist)

Color Your Own Deadpool
words: n/a
art: Ed McGuinness, Tony Moore
publisher: Marvel

It’s a Deadpool coloring book. What more do you need to know?

the fade out 12
(image via Image)

The Fade Out #12
words: Ed Brubaker
art: Sean Phillips
publisher: Image Comics

#12 marks the conclusion of the old Hollywood noir comic The Fade Out. If you’ve been following along, obviously you want this. For those of you who haven’t been, maybe this is a good time to get started with #1, now that you know the series comes to an end.

totally awesome hulk 2
(image via CBR)

Totally Awesome Hulk #2
words: Greg Pak
art: Frank Cho
publisher: Marvel

Totally Awesome Hulk #1 introduced Amadeus Cho as the brand new Hulk in town. You can check out his continuing adventures in this second issue, and tell us: how awesome is it that we’ve got an Asian Hulk?

That’s it from us, folks. It’s the end of the year, so pickins are a little slim, but we’ve got a lot of exciting things to check out anyway. Tell us: what’s on your list for this week?

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