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Things We Saw Today: Canuck the Crow Is the Most Badass Bird Around

Canuck will cut you if you cross him.

TWS: Canuck the Crow Is the Most Badass Bird Around

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Monday Cute: Just a Cockatoo Typing Bird Things

"I'm helping!"

Caesar, the salmon-crested cockatoo, loves to type on her owner's keyboard with her little talons.

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Brian Jacques’ Spirit Lives on, Here is a Weasel Riding a Woodpecker

On our way to steal your badger treasure.

Obviously this is more of a Garry Kilworth situation, but something about that weasel just screams Ferahgo the Assassin to me. If I squint I swear I can make out a tiny mace and chain.

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Scientists Can Temporarily Force Birds to Be Friends With Whoever They Want

*Evil laughter.*

Are you a lonely princess looking for a hand with some housework? A precocious child in the Australian outback looking for adventure? A hard-working wizard with last minute travel plans? A spaceship commander with an open attitude towards relationships between humans and aliens, particularly justice-hungry former cops with sexy-sounding voice actors? Science has a solution for you: make friends with birds.

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Monday Cute: Did You Ever Think You’d See a Heron Surfing on a Hippo?

Talk about surfin' safari!

Filmed at the Kruger National Park in South Africa, this heron is having a grand old time. We can't be sure, but we think the hippo was having a bit of fun too. If you want to have some fun, try starting the video below first and playing both at the same time.

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Watch a Hamster Stuff Its Cheeks While David Tennant Narrates


Getting Doctor Who's David Tennant to narrate your pet documentary show - best idea or best idea? Oh look, here he is talking about dogs...

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Monday Cute: Dirtbag Crow Gives Human What-For, Plus Bonus Baby Chipmunk

You kiss your mother with that mouth, crow?

Give this rude little dude a pair of tights for pants and call it a day. Somewhere in heaven, Elaine Stritch is smiling. In non-crow news, look at this little chipmunk mom and her growing chipmunk baby!

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New Study Closes the Evolutionary Gap Between Dinosaurs and Birds

Hold onto your butts.

Science has known for a while that birds and dinosaurs are evolutionarily linked, but it's been difficult to establish a direct connection between today's birds and their giant, people-hungry ancestors. Now, a new study uses the existing fossil record and several recent finds of feathered dinosaurs to draw a direct connection, so now we know how they flocked this way.

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Swallows Opening Doors Now, Birdemic Is Upon Us

If they learn to use a hotel key card we are done for.

A group of swallows was already living in this parking garage in Victoria, Canada, when automatic doors were installed, but judging from Grant Hughes' footage the birds adapted to the automatic sensors remarkably fast. It's always sad to see animals cope with loss of their environment, but damn, these little guys sure showed us!

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Michael Bay Probably Should Never Give Anyone the “Sex Talk” and Here’s Why [Video]

It'll be just like Underworld but with more gratuitous car-washing scenes.

"Honey, little Michael Jr is turning thirteen this year. It seems like he's starting to notice the girls in his class a lot more these days. Don't you think he needs to hear about the... you know, the 'birds and the bees' soon?" Michael Bay's wife will one day say to him.

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T-Rex Didn’t Even Need Its Stupid Baby Arms

Except maybe to flip haters the bird.

We've all had a good laugh at the Tyrannosaurus Rex's tiny little arms. Well the joke's on us apparently. New research shows that T-Rex didn't even need its stupid little baby arms anyway. Turns out its neck did all the work.

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Testosterone in Part of a Bird’s Brain Makes Them Sing More, but Doesn’t Help Them Mate Successfully

It basically turns them into guys who hit on everyone with cheesy pickup lines.

Male canaries woo potential mates with song, and a new study shows that delivering testosterone to one part of the bird's brain increases the frequency with which the bird sings, but doesn't improve how well they sing. They can basically talk to women, but don't necessarily know what to say.

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Monday Cute: Birds Annoy Cats


Nobody likes to see cats or birds mistreated. Mildly annoyed, though, that's like 40% of the internet right there.

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Contrary to Popular Belief, Lake Natron Does Not Instantly Turn Birds To Stone

Guys, it's a lake. It's not Medusa.

Sometimes the media does this thing where it takes something incredibly fascinating and turns into a crappy game of telephone, and at the end everybody believes something completely fake. Case in point: after those gorgeous pictures of mummified Lake Natron birds made the rounds, now everybody thinks that the lake has supernatural gorgon-like powers.

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Learn About Behavioral Patterns of the European Robin As Reenacted By Ridiculous Humans [Video]

Too bad it's not Matt Damon playing the Robin. TOPICAL!

Remember those "Cat friend vs. Dog friend" videos that made the rounds a while back? Imagine if you'd actually learned something about animal behavior from that series instead of just laughing at how accurate it is -- that's what this video from Pleated-Jeans is. Now you'll know everything you need to about the European Robin's territorial nature.

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Watch a Parakeet Trying to Say “Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition” [VIDEO]

And Now For Something Completely Different

Meet Disco. Disco has a pretty big vocabulary for a parakeet. "Hamburger" is among the words he can say. So is "cheeseburger." Dirty Dancing quotes? Disco's on that. But "inquisition"... well, that one's a bit tougher. (via: Nerd Approved) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Monday Cute: Baby Ostriches Dance the Closing Ceremonies of San Diego Comic-Con


Actually they're just dancing 'cause that's what ostriches do in their spare time, even when they're being fostered by a human parent along with some four-week-younger emus. (via Hypervocal.)

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Monday Cute: Wobbly Baby Flamingo Can’t Believe It’s Monday Morning Already


It'll be okay, little... uh. What's your name? Oh, you and your nest mates were named after presidents Washington, Lincoln, and Truman? There's gotta be a joke in there somewhere. (via ZooBorns.)

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High-Speed Cameras Create Beautiful Slow-Motion Bird Videos for Science

Birds: How do they work?

We know birds can fly, because they do, but we don't know much about how they fly. It probably has something to do with their wings. Part of the problem with studying birds is that they move much faster than we do. That's why students at Stanford University have been using high-speed video cameras to capture slow motion video of birds in flight. The resulting video is really quite beautiful.

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Seagulls May Be Killing Dozens of Baby Whales Off the Coast of Argentina

Seagull attacks can disrupt the feeding habits of young whales, causing them to slowly starve, researchers hypothesize.

Last year, researchers found 116 dead right whales in the waters off of Argentina -- all but three of them calves, or immature whales. That marked a startling doubling of whale casualties in the area the year before, and some researchers think they know what is killing the whales -- legions of seagulls who dive bomb the huge animals as they're surfacing for air, making a meal of the whales' nutritious blubber and leaving the aquatic mammals with gashes in their hides up to four inches deep.

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