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Monday Cute: You Will Not Believe the Shenanigans This Bird Has to Put Up With

OK, so this is a video from, like, three years ago, but I just saw it for the first time and it brought me so very much joy. Mostly because I identify with the bird on the right who gets really amped about Elvis only to have its overt enthusiasm shut down hard by a bird that knows how to rein it in.

The best part of the above video is, of course, when the bird on the left puts its leg up to hold the other, excited bird back like Dude. LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS. Meanwhile, bird on the right is all How are you NOT FEELING THIS?

This video is as perfect visual representation of personality types as we can get from the animal kingdom. So, are you all about getting your groove on, no matter whom you’re with? Or do you prefer your friends tone it down several notches? Which bird are you?

I’ll be over here rocking out to Elvis.

(via baronessblack on Tumblr, image: screencap)

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