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Monday Cute: Just a Cockatoo Typing Bird Things

"I'm helping!"

In case you needed to be refreshed on the joys of writing, here’s Caesar, the salmon-crested cockatoo who loves to type on her owner’s keyboard with her little talons. The next time you’re slogging through essays and emails with dread and exhaustion, just watch this video of Caesar joyfully typing and channel that energy.

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We all want to be Caesar. We can all be Caesar.

Her owners are extremely encouraging and rightfully proud of their bird, and at this rate her wpm will be impressively high in no time! Soon, she’ll be writing all kinds of bird things from the computer: tweets, blogs, and the first full novel written by a cockatoo that will no doubt go on to win prestigious awards. It might be a bit hard with just a few talons, but Caesar can overcome all obstacles.

“Caesar enjoys playing on the computer just like we do,” the description writes. Her little smile after her owner pulls up a Word document? Awwww. The little bounce she does afterwards? Double awww.

(via Laughing Squid, image: screencap)

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