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Monday Cute: Birb Wants Nothing to Do With Your Sassy Kitty

Birds, for all their strange habits and quirks, seem pretty chill. At least I think so. This bird, though? Chill as heck.

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Monday Cute: Just a Cockatoo Typing Bird Things

"I'm helping!"

Caesar, the salmon-crested cockatoo, loves to type on her owner's keyboard with her little talons.

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Monday Cute: Bird of Paradise Squawks Down at Sir David Attenborough, Doesn’t Let Him Talk for a Second

Here, as Sir David Attenborough tries to talk about a bird of paradise that's dancing on a tree branch above him, his words are drowned out by the loud squawking from that very same bird.

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Things We Saw Today: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dispenses Some Pot Wisdom

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live to dispense a bit of wisdom regarding recreational pot use in a work setting. Granted, this was a writer's room with Seth Rogen, but the wisdom still stands. Oh, be sure to check out his spot-on Rogen laugh imitation at :30. It's amazing.

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Fossil Bird Had Hardened Teeth for Crushing Hard-Shelled Prey

While modern birds have beaks for eating, their ancient ancestors still had toothsome mouths, full of the sharp dental legacies of their dinosaur past. Paleontologists have discovered a new species of early bird, though, and rather than getting the worm, it seemed to prey on hard-shelled animals like snails and crabs. That left it with an evolutionary first -- a mouthful of teeth meant for crushing prey, not tearing flesh. It's an unexpected discovery, suggesting that even as some birds were losing their teeth to evolution, others were developing new kinds of teeth to help them become more specialized hunters.

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Trapped Seagull Hanging By Neck Saved in Daring Bucket Truck Rescue [Video]

While it's unclear how this seagull managed to get its head caught in a braided power line over the streets of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the bird was certainly in a tight spot.  Luckily for the seagull, Nova Scotia Power lineman Yvon Blin became its knight in shining bucket truck. Upon arriving on the scene, Blin swiftly freed the trapped gull, pausing only to take a photo. And in case you were concerned, the videographer of the event writes that the bird was safely released once Blin returned to ground level. 

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A Veritable Menagerie of Bird Statues With a Steampunk Twist

This handsome wooden bird statue started life as a lowly decoy, presumably to distract live birds from a wily human hunter. But it has arisen reborn and renewed with some found-object plumage thanks to Jim and Tori Mullan. In true steampunk fashion the natural flies headlong into the mechanical, and the result is a splendid display of strange robotic song birds. What's more, some of them even have little hats. See more images, after the break.

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Killer Plant Devours a Bird Whole

Carnivorous plants are one of nature's most fascinating, disgusting, and terrifying forms of life. These killer plants often devour insects, small amphibians and reptiles, mice and even sometimes rats, but now, a hungry bit of flora in the UK has consumed a bird. It is believed to be only the second time in history that a plant like this ate a bird. The plant is a pitcher plant from the genus of Nepenthes which are found traditionally in South East Asia. The poor bird, which met an untimely demise, was a blue tit. The plant is located in a garden nursery, under the care of Nigel Hewitt-Cooper, who was making his rounds in the tropical garden when he discovered that the pitcher plant had trapped the bird.

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This Sparrow is Not Going Anywhere [Video]

Every now and again, we humans have an unexpected encounter with nature that completely throws off our day. For instance, what can you do when faced with a small bird clamped hard to your windshield wipers that simply refuses to move? When the wipers fail, I suppose you may as well just sit there and hope there's something amusing on the radio that will last however long the bird needs. Then again, if the bird happens to be an otherworldly spectre of doom, you might be there a while. Take thy beak from out my heart and take thy form from off my winshield wipers! (Reddit via Reddit)

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