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Crack Open Some Magical Elysian IPAs for #IPAday

A while back, we were sent a few samples from Elysian Brewing which promised some refreshing geeky IPAs that would make us feel like superheroes and comfort the FOMO the New York TMS-ers had during San Diego Comic Con.

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Now, geeky brews are nothing new. For example, New York Comic Con teams up with Brooklyn Brewery every year for a special brew that features a new Defender superhero. 21 and over fans definitely enjoy a drink with their shows and comics, so these beers always add a nice touch and the novelty is its own delight. Like, I know butterbeer is sugary and bad for you and expensive, but it transports me into a world where I can be a wizard.

We were sent a few samples of the Space Dust (pictured above) and the Immortal, both of which had all the hoppiness you want in an IPA. Here are their descriptions:

“At over 8% ABV, one sip of Space Dust IPA will send you off at hyperspace. An out-of-this-world beerthat would most certainly be imbibed at Mos Eisley Cantina, Space Dust is a medium-bodied West Coast style IPA with a bite of bitterness not for the faint of heart. Let’s just say, may the force be with you when cracking open this IPA.”

“Coming in at an ultra-drinkable 6.3% ABV, Immortal IPA is one of those beers you can drink for eons, expertly quenching your thirst while you spend eternity battling your archenemies (I’m looking at you Francis, er, I mean “Ajax”). Much like your favorite anti-hero Deadpool, this IPA will have you feeling fully regenerated after crushing one of these bad boys.”

Now, those are some hard descriptions to live up to and while I was neither shot up into hyperspace nor regenerated by some form of bottled immortality (darn!), they’re both good and reliable beers that you could comfortably recommend your IPA-loving friends. Going around different reviews on the internet, they both are reviewed pretty favorably as well, so you don’t have to just take my word for it! I think Kaila and I had a few drinks of Space Dust and went off about the modern Les Miserables fandom for what was probably a longer time than appropriate, which I also very much recommend.

The brewery also has a series of other fantasy-appropriate drinks like Dragontooth or seasonal flavors like Great Pumpkin or Snailbones if these don’t sound totally up your alley. (Enjoy responsibly, please.) Do you have any great IPA or other drinks that would fit in perfectly for an geeky adult game night, marathon, or get-together?

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