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Texas’ Anti-Transgender “Bathroom Bill” Dies as Lawmakers Spout Same Hateful Rhetoric About “Sexual Predators”

Texas' "bathroom bill" has died, as Texas lawmakers closed their special session without passing it.

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The NCAA Just Gave North Carolina A $250 Million Ultimatum on Its HB2 “Bathroom Bill”

The NCAA is deciding where to host its championship games for the next four years, and they've made it clear that North Carolina will be cut out of contention if it does not repeal HB2, the state's discriminatory transgender "bathroom bill."

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Liberals and Conservatives Uniting Against Trans Activism Isn’t a Rarity—It’s a Tragedy

Finding unity in hatred and dehumanization shouldn't be celebrated, and it sure as hell shouldn't be offered a platform anywhere.

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It’s a Detour, Not a Derailment: Gavin Grimm’s Case Moved From SCOTUS to Lower Court

A disappointing setback today in the case of Gavin Grimm as the Supreme Court of the United States moved that his case against the Gloucester County School Board be heard in a lower court.

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Yelp Allows Users to Search for Businesses With Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Yelp, ever the butt of jokes regarding poor reviews for some of your favorite eating establishments, does a solid for folks who are often left wondering whether the bathroom facilities at these establishments are gender neutral or not.

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Conservative Groups Reprimanded by Supreme Court Clerk for Childishly Misgendering Gavin Grimm

Conservative groups have continuously misgendered Gavin Grimm, the transgender student who will be arguing for his right to use the bathroom that aligns with his gender identity in the Supreme Court.

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Trump Administration Fails to Protect Trans Youth, Rescinds Obama’s Guideline Extending Protections to Students

In a move that surprises just about nobody, the Trump administration rolled back guidelines regarding transgender student bathroom usage.

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Trump Administration Withdraws Obama Appeal to Protect Trans Students’ Bathroom Rights

Trans children deserve protection. That is not up for debate.

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Virginia Says “Hold My Beer,” Creates Even More Dangerous HB2 “Bathroom Bill”

It's like HB2, but the school also has to out you to your parents.

I have to ask: just who are these bills really protecting?

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Lawmakers in North Carolina Refuse to Repeal HB2 Bathroom Bill Despite Deal to Do So

Charlotte rescinded its extended protections for this?

Lawmakers in North Carolina reneged on a previous promise to repeal the controversial HB2 "bathroom bill" that prevented trans people from using the proper restroom (i.e., the restroom that matches with their chosen gender).

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Things We Saw Today: Ad for Trans Rights to Air During the Republican National Convention

This 60-second ad that stars transgender North Carolina woman Alaina Kupec will play nationwide on FOX News during the Republican National Convention on Thursday.

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Obama Administration Issues Directive to Public Schools On Transgender Access to Bathrooms

The Obama administration is issuing a directive to allow transgender students to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity.

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Things We Saw Today: The Invitation‘s Karyn Kusama on Defying Genre Norms

Plus BB-8 watching The Force Awakens and more!

Friend of The Mary Sue, Rebecca Pahle, conducted a superb interview with Karyn Kusama on defying genre tropes and norms, and how women deserve to have all aspects of their personality on display.

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ACLU, Equality North Carolina, Lambda Legal Sue North Carolina Lawmakers for Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

The North Carolinian legislators responsible for that horrid anti-transgender bathroom bill are now experiencing the swiftest kick in the ass.

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NC Government Passes Law Repealing Transgender Bathroom Protections

Governor Pat McCrory said the protections "defy common sense."

North Carolina legislators enacted a law removing the anti-discriminatory protections that were put in place for transgender people by the federal government.

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Tennessee Anti-Trans Student Bathroom Bill Set to Progress Through State House

Hot on the heels of South Dakota passing its anti-trans student bathroom bill, Tennessee has started to make progress towards passing its own bill that would enact similar changes within their own public school system.

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Conservative Trolls Encourage Men to Enter Women’s Restrooms to Protest Trans Protections

In a shocking yet somehow unsurprising display of absolute ignorance, a group of conservative trolls has started encouraging men to go into women's restrooms and locker rooms in a sort of twisted demonstration against the protections currently in place for transgender people.

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South Dakota Becomes First State to Pass Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

In a proper display of ignorance, South Dakota has just become the first state to pass a bill effectively barring trans students from using bathrooms and facilities that match their gender identity--i.e., the correct bathrooms.

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Washington Senators Fail at Attempt to Repeal Trans Bathroom Protections

Good riddance to rubbish bills.

SB 6443, which would have repealed the explicit protections for transgender people in Washington, was narrowly defeated last Wednesday at a vote of 24-25.

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Washington State’s Law & Justice Committee Passes “Genital Check” Bill

The Washington State Senate's Law & Justice committee just passed Senate Bill 6548, which has to do with use of gender-segregated facilities.

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